Another step in the right direction.
Randy Burgess, owner of two Ace Hardware stores in Washington’s “Orca Country” is doing his part to raise awareness for marine life.  Randy has partnered with the Pacific Whale Watch Association to label certain cleaning and garden products “orca-friendly.”
“We’ve always carried a wide range of green products, but now our customers will see a ‘superpod’ of Ace’s biodegradable lawn, garden and cleaning products, all approved by PWWA as non-toxic to marine life, all very easy to find,” said Burgess. “We’re very excited about this partnership.”
The new label gives consumers a choice, and it also heightens awareness to their own actions — in particular, the impact of what we choose to wash down a drain or out of our yards.  The items sold in Randy’s Anacortes and Friday Harbor, WA stores have a direct effect on endangered orcas, given their location.  Encouraging consumers to make informed choices is a natural one.
The only criticism about the “orca friendly” labels is that they are based on Randy’s own wisdom and experience with the products he carries, and not necessarily on scientific evidence. It’s a positive step in the right direction though, and doing something is by far more effective than doing nothing.  Simply put: Orca friendly labels do the work for the consumer, saving them the time of doing their own research.  And for those who simply won’t or can’t find the time, Randy is sharing his 30 years of experience. It makes it an easy choice without the effort.
Randy hopes his stores won’t be the only Ace Hardware locations helping the cause.  The San Juan Islander reports him saying, “We’ve started by putting these ‘Orca Friendly Products’ signs and labels in our stores here in Anacortes and Friday Harbor, and then see we’ll see if we can branch this idea out to other Ace Hardware stores.”