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Lucia Conti

Lucia has a background in political sciences and a Master's of International Relations. Her main interests are human rights and international politics, especially concerning South America and Europe. She has written about these topics extensively following the end of her academic studies.

Impossible Foods Ramps Up to 1 Million Pounds of Plant-Based ‘Meat’ a Month

Scarcity no more! If you’ve been dying to get your hands on the elusive — and eerily beef-like — Impossible Burger, your lucky day may be drawing near. Impossible Foods, a Silicon Valley startup known for its vegan burger that looks and tastes just like the real thing, has launched its first large-scale facility which, over the course of 2017, will be able to produce 1 million pounds of plant-derived meat per month. The new plant, based in Oakland, California, is expected to grow quickly with at least 80 new recruits during 2017, and to produce enough meatless beef for 4...

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Survey: Nearly Half of Women and Children on Mediterranean Migration Route are Raped

Two million refugees arrived in Europe between 2015 and 2016, many fleeing wars, extreme poverty or dictatorships in their home countries. It is a long and dangerous journey trying to cross the Mediterranean sea, and countless numbers of refugees lose their lives doing so. Others have to stop for days on end where countries, such as Hungary, have built borders to prevent immigrants from entering. Hundreds of thousands are left stranded for months at refugee camps in Greece and Italy. Many of these immigrants are women and children.  According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), since 2014, the number...

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Study – Americans Think They Eat Right, but Nearly all Are Nutrient Deprived

Americans might think they have healthy eating patterns, but a new study by ORC International, on behalf of supplement producer MegaFood, disproves this perception. According to the study, 62% of Americans fail to eat the minimum recommended amount of fruits and vegetables daily — and according to another survey by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 30 million Americans fail to meet the required intake of B vitamins. The Government Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion confirms these findings. The majority of Americans do not eat enough produce, calcium-rich food or whole grains, but do eat excessive amounts...

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Immigrants to the U.S. Honored for their Outstanding Contributions

On February 3, 2017, the Vilcek Foundation awarded its annual Vilcek Prize to immigrants who have made extraordinary achievements in the fields of biomedical sciences and the arts. “Like all great artists and scientists, these immigrant prizewinners challenge our very perceptions of the world,” said Rick Kinsel, president of the Vilcek Foundation, in a statement. “Their works are attempts to understand fundamental questions and concepts in American society, from the neurological underpinnings of the self to the institution of democracy.” In a time when nationalism is at full gallop — and immigrants are often eyed with suspicion — the Vilcek...

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Disfigured by Domestic Violence, Woman Rebuilds Her Life – And Her Look

Amanda (name edited to respect her privacy) is a mother of two and a survivor of brutal domestic violence. In 2008, she was raped and beaten by her live-in boyfriend when she tried to leave him. The violence lasted two days – and for Amanda, the emotional and physical scars lasted much longer. Badly disfigured from wounds to the chest, she put a towel in front of her mirror for years so she wouldn’t be reminded of the ordeal. But in the end, after a long search for a surgeon who could help remove the signs of the violence...

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