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Lori Bell graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2012 with a B.A. in History and Creative Writing. Always an avid writer, she began freelancing in 2015 to fund her travels in South America. Although she has a diverse background and interests, Lori is particularly passionate about social justice and healthy living. She has been a vegetarian for over 8 years, practices yoga, and jogs regularly. She speaks Spanish and has been an active volunteer in ESL classrooms. Aside from Lady Freethinker, Lori writes about health and wellness as a freelance writer.

The World’s Largest Elephant Relocation has been Successfully Completed

Conservationists just completed the largest translocation of elephants to date. Moving 520 elephants over 200 miles from two overcrowded parks in Southern Malawi to Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve took over two years, but the successful move promises to help this endangered species endure in Africa. The NGO African Parks and the Malawi Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) partnered together to make the big move in 2016. Elephants weigh thousands of pounds, so transporting them safely and making sure they stayed within their tight-knight families and communities to ensure a smooth transition at the new park required a lot...

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How a Plant-based Diet Fights Climate Change

It’s no secret – eating meat isn’t exactly good for the environment. Yet many people are still unaware of the effect their diets have on society and the world in general. The documentary Cowspiracy attempted to shed some light on the destructive nature of the meat industry, but we still have a long way to go before people truly realize the connection between meat and climate change. Conversely, a plant-based diet can go a long way to fighting climate change. How exactly? Here are four big reasons you might want to think about switching to a plant-based diet if...

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Ringling Could be Shutting Down their Cruel Elephant “Conservation” Center

It seems like performing elephants just can’t catch a break. The controversial Ringling Bros.’ Circus stopped using elephants in May of 2016 and shut down completely a year later. Unfortunately, Ringling’s Asian elephants still live in subpar conditions according to animal rights activists. Although the over 40 elephants no longer perform and have retired at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation, a 200-acre farm in Polk, Florida, they are still chained, prodded with bull hooks, and forced to stay on concrete floors for extended periods of time, to name a few of the abuses. However, on Tuesday...

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Victory! Federal Judge Strikes Down Utah ‘Ag Gag’ Law that Silenced Animal Activists

Animal activists won a major victory in Utah when a federal judge struck down a 2012 ‘ag-gag’ law. The law prevented citizens from entering an agricultural facility under false pretenses and recording operations — making undercover investigations into animal cruelty on factory farms or puppy mills impossible. According to U.S. District Judge Robert Shelby’s ruling, the ‘ag gag’ law is unconstitutional because it violates free speech. “Utah undoubtedly has an interest in addressing perceived threats to the state agricultural industry, and as history shows, it has a variety of constitutionally permissible tools at its disposal to do so,” wrote...

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