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Kristen is a writer and adventurer and can be found on the road either on a loaded touring bicycle or in a Volkswagen Vanagon. Her passions are elephants, kale, books, and saving the world from environmental destruction or at least enjoying it to the fullest before it is destroyed.

This Methane-Tracking Satellite will Monitor Pollution from Outer Space

Fighting climate change is about to take a new technological turn – space tracking. Emitted from landfills, oil and gas operations, and the rear ends of cattle, methane gas is one of the worst greenhouse gases for the planet. Determining where these gases are coming from and to what is extent is difficult, making regulation and reduction a challenge. The Environmental Defense Fund (EFD) hopes to use technology to address the problem: a methane tracking satellite. Scheduled to launch in three years, the MethaneSAT would determine the location of methane gasses around the globe and be able to tell...

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Black Cats Are Being Shunned Because they Don’t Look Good in Selfies

An animal shelter in the UK has reported a disturbing trend. Black cats are being passed over for adoptions because they don’t show up well in selfie and social media photos. The Moggery cat rescue center in Bristol, England is at the point of offering free spaying and neutering for black cats so there is less of a chance the shelter becomes even more overrun with kittens that cannot be adopted. The founder of the center, Christine Bayka, has noticed the black cat adoption problem growing worse over her 20 years running the shelter. In an interview with the...

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All Mention of Humans’ Role in Climate Change Conspicuously Deleted in National Parks Report

Science is being censored yet again by the federal government. Every mention of human beings’ role in climate change has been deleted from a National Park Service report. Also deleted was the word “anthropogenic,” relating to humans’ impact on nature. Now Democrats in Congress have called for the Department of Interior to investigate the deletions. The still unreleased report, first drafted in 2016 by a climate scientist from the University of Boulder, discusses sea level rise and storm surge – both of which are directly tied to climate change. The report’s purpose is to relate to the officials and...

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Only 12 Vaquita Porpoises Are Left in the Entire World

Last year the count was 30. When this year’s count came back at 12, optimism for the survival of the vaquita porpoise drained out of researchers’ hearts. Little hope remains for the species whose lives have been snared by illegal gillnet fishing in the Gulf of California. Spanish for “little cow,” the vaquita were only discovered in the 1950s. Half a century later, they are the most endangered cetacean, on the brink of vanishing forever. The world’s smallest porpoise species, the vaquita average around 5 feet in length and 95 pounds. Tucked between the Baja Peninsula and mainland Mexico,...

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Keystone Pipeline Leak Gushed Double the Oil as Previously Thought

Last November, the Keystone pipeline sprung a leak on farmland in South Dakota. That leak has now been calculated to have released 9,700 barrels (407,400 gallons) of oil, double the original reports and the largest inland spill in the U.S. since 2010. Reuters reports that there have been far more pipeline leaks than estimated by Tans Canada, the company who built the pipeline. Caused by construction damage when the pipeline was originally put in the ground, Tans Canada shut it down shortly after the spill began. Less than two weeks later, they reported the spill had been cleaned up...

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