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Kristen Arnim

Kristen is a writer and adventurer and can be found on the road either on a loaded touring bicycle or in a Volkswagen Vanagon. Her passions are elephants, kale, books, and saving the world from environmental destruction or at least enjoying it to the fullest before it is destroyed.

At Risk – 3.3 Million Acres of Public Land May Soon Be Up for Sale

3.3 million acres of public land are at risk of falling into the hands of developers and energy companies, thanks to a new bill put forward in Congress. H.R. 621 is the work of Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah, and slates public lands in 10 U.S. states for sale.   After the recent approval of a new rule that makes public land monetarily worthless, congress now has an easier path to “dispose” of the land. Though public lands provide 6.1 million jobs and an annual $646 billion in revenue, the rule forces the Congressional Budget Office to consider public lands...

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Congress is Dismantling Public Lands – 5 Things You Can Do to Stop Them

Political news has been all-consuming this week. The inauguration, Trump’s cabinet nominee hearings, ramifications of dismantling the Affordable Care Act. But there’s something newsworthy that you may not have heard about. Congress quietly passed legislation that puts public lands one step closer to demise.   The obscure and not highly publicized congressional budget rule change essentially does away with any value provided by national forests, wildlife refuges, and BLM land. Because the rule states these lands don’t provide any value, they can circumvent a law that prevents transfer of federal property if it hurts the budget. This makes it...

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USDA Approves Monsanto-Created Genetically Modified Grass – And it’s Out of Control

Bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera), a genetically modified grass designed for golf courses, is spreading onto public land and contaminating local crops. Created by Monsanto and recently deregulated by the USDA, bentgrass is yet another illustration of the controversies surrounding GMOs.   The grass escaped test areas in 2003, and has since been spreading throughout Oregon and into Idaho. Now that the USDA has deregulated the grass, it no longer has any control over it, leaving states and locales to deal with the problems. Malheur County has discovered bentgrass near canals and throughout public land, and labeled the plant as a...

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The Secret Misery of the Moonbear, 2018 Korea Olympics Mascot

The moon bear has been chosen as a mascot for the 2018 Winter Olympics, to be held in PyeongChang, South Korea. However, the reality for thousands of these bears is dark: trapped inside small cages for most of their lives waiting to be slaughtered for their bile. South Korea has 39 of these farms, and the bears’ lives look starkly different from the bubbly cartoon mascot.   Video by Animals Asia The moon bear is a sub-species of the asiatic black bear, found all over Asia. Their natural habitat is forests and mountains. But wild numbers have dramatically decreased due...

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Join the National Day of Action Against Trump’s Climate Change Denying Cabinet

Join others across the country Monday, January 9, to take action against President Elect Trump’s cabinet picks. Day Against Denial,, and other organizers are asking citizens to come together and let their representatives know we do not support climate deniers and fossil fuel advocates in the upcoming administration. Assessments in the senate for the cabinet picks begin this upcoming week. As lawmakers begin to scrutinize and ask questions, it is crucial for the citizens they represent to sound their voices.   Take part in rallies, write emails, make phone calls. Day Against Denial has provided demonstration toolkits to help activists. Join...

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