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Kristen Arnim

Kristen is a writer and adventurer and can be found on the road either on a loaded touring bicycle or in a Volkswagen Vanagon. Her passions are elephants, kale, books, and saving the world from environmental destruction or at least enjoying it to the fullest before it is destroyed.

Poacher in South Africa Mauled and Eaten by Pride of Lions

A man’s mauled body was found half-eaten by lions on the Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve in South Africa. It was apparent the man was trespassing during the night and, with a rifle found nearby the body, most likely a poacher. A victim of the hunter becoming the hunted, a pride of lions he may have been hunting stalked him instead, eventually attacking and eating much of his body. The Ingwelala Reserve and surrounding area are known for attracting rhino poachers. However, many other types of game, including lions, reside on the reserve and a nearby national park. A rhino...

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This Indian Tea Plantation Works in Harmony with the Environment and Elephants

Living in harmony with the land is no easy task as a farmer. Especially with pests as tiny as red spider mites and as huge as elephants to contend with. But in Assam, India’s largest tea producing region, one man has found a way live in harmony with both. Tenzing Bedosa began feeling sick after working on his farm. Then he noticed rabbits dying after coming into contact with water he used to wash his clothes. Finally realizing these incidents were related to insect-killing chemicals, he made the switch to organic farming. The change paid off in more ways than...

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This Olympian Rescued A Dachshund Mix from S. Korea’s Dog Meat Trade

In a gold medal-worthy move for animal rights, Olympic figure skater Meagan Duhamel rescued Moo-tae, a miniature dachshund mix destined to be on someone’s dinner plate, from slaughter in S. Korea’s notoriously cruel dog meat trade. Last year while competing in PyeongChang at the Four Continents figure skating championship, Duhamel, an animal lover and vegan, met Moo-tae and took him home to Toronto. To say Moo-tae is adjusting well to his new life would be an understatement. Duhamel told the Associated Press that Moo-tae is “like a saint,” and “just wants to sit in everybody’s arms.” The rescue, organized...

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2018 Olympics Scorecard for Animals, Environment and Social Justice – The Marks Aren’t High

This week marks the beginning of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. Top athletes from around the world will be judged and scored on their performance. But what score do the Olympic Games themselves get when it comes to the environment, the treatment of animals, and social justice? What scores do you give the PyeongChang Olympics? Comment below! Green Score The Beijing and Rio Summer Olympics brought up many concerns about existing environmental conditions such as water and air quality. But what impact do the games themselves have on the environment? Quite a lot it turns...

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At Risk – 3.3 Million Acres of Public Land May Soon Be Up for Sale

3.3 million acres of public land are at risk of falling into the hands of developers and energy companies, thanks to a new bill put forward in Congress. H.R. 621 is the work of Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah, and slates public lands in 10 U.S. states for sale.   After the recent approval of a new rule that makes public land monetarily worthless, congress now has an easier path to “dispose” of the land. Though public lands provide 6.1 million jobs and an annual $646 billion in revenue, the rule forces the Congressional Budget Office to consider public lands...

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