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Amber’s Donkey: Mute Girl Speaks for the First Time to Rescue Animal

It was 2010 and Shocks, a donkey currently living at the Donkey Sanctuary’s Assisted Therapy Centre, was recused from a farm in Galway, Ireland. He was found with a rope tied so tightly around his neck that he suffered from open wounds and lacerations. Today he lives a free, happy life helping those with emotional, cognitive and physical challenges. Around the same time Shocks was rescued, Tracy Austwick gave birth to twin girls, born prematurely at just 26 weeks old. One of the babies, Amber, was rushed into surgery for an emergency tracheostomy within minutes of her birth. Her parents were immensely grateful that the surgery saved her life, but...

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‘Doing Good’ Curriculum Teaches Kindness in the Classroom

In a time when anger is palpable at the national and global levels, teaching children respect and kindness can seem daunting. A new curriculum is here to help. Created by The Forgotten International, the recently published Doing Good contains 10 lessons to coach children into becoming engaged, sympathetic citizens of the world. “Our aim is to give educators, coaches, facilitators, and school administrators the tools they need to encourage young people to care for others and work to make the world a better place, not only for the time they are in school, but throughout their lives,” said Amy Schoenblum, outreach specialist...

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Survey: Nearly 80% of Americans Say Women STILL Need to Work Harder than Men to Prove Themselves

Last week Lady Freethinker published an article about the 20 Worst-Paying Jobs for Women in the U.S. and on Friday, March 31, The Harris Poll, a market research firm, released results from a recent study about how well Americans believe women are faring in today’s workplace. Just over 2,000 U.S. adults 18+ were surveyed online between March 3-7, 2017, coincidentally the first week of National Women’s History Month. While a large percentage agreed the country has come a long way towards reaching gender equality, 79% stated female leaders have to work harder than their male counterparts to prove themselves....

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Actor Colin Farrell Helps Raise Awareness for Special Needs Kids and Adults

At the annual The Power of Possibilities event, held by special-needs focused nonprofit Gatepath, guest speaker Colin Farrell opened up about his experiences — and got deeply personal. Farrell, the parent of a child with special needs, described what it felt like to be told his now 13-year-old son would never be able to walk: “I learned early on that you can’t let others put limitations on your child,” Farrell said. “Your child will decide what his or her limitations will be. Think about how important a child’s first steps are in their development. When my son took his...

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These are the 20 Worst-Paying Jobs for Women in the U.S.

The role of women in America’s workplace has changed drastically over the last several decades.  In the late 60’s, women made up about one-third of the country’s workforce, compared to present day where women make up nearly half. Yet on the heels of the 100-year-anniversary of the women’s right to vote, females in this country still do not receive equal pay as men. The current political climate has once again pushed the gender wage gap issue into the spotlight. Recently 24/7 Wall St. conducted a review and identified the top 20 worst paying jobs for women, garnering information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics about...

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