Electric cars, Lithium-ion battery energy storage and now, the newest hi-tech invention on Tesla’s roster: residential solar roof tiles.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced last Wednesday that the company is now taking orders for solar roof tiles–but get in line; 1,000 deposits for the product–to be delivered later this year–are streaming in quickly from all around the globe.

According to Tesla’s Web site, “Solar Roof complements your home’s architecture while turning sunlight into electricity. With an integrated Powerwall battery, energy collected during the day is stored and made available any time, effectively turning your home into a personal utility. Glass solar tiles are so durable they are warrantied for the lifetime of your house, or infinity, whichever comes first.”

Interested homeowners can use a tool on Tesla’s website to calculate the total cost and lifetime savings of adding the solar roof.

The solar tiles look nearly identical to typical high-end shingles, with discreet solar cells embedded just under the surface. According to Tesla’s website, unlike traditional roofing products, the new, durable solar glass tiles are designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions such as heavy winds, rain, sleet and snow.

A video on the company’s site illustrates a solar roof and a traditional roof being slammed with a two-inch hailstone traveling near 100 miles per hour upon impact. Materials on the traditional roof shatter fracture and demolish immediately under the force of the speeding ice ball, while Tesla’s Solar Roof experiences the complete opposite effect; the hailstone smashes to pieces against it.

The company will manage the entire process of installation, including removal of existing roofs, installation and maintenance. For more information or to place an order, visit Tesla’s website.