Author: Amber Brown

Trump’s High Profile Supporters Drop $22 Million to Debunk Climate Science

There’s no doubt that many Trump followers are vocal climate deniers. But some of them are so passionate, they’ve dropped a pretty penny to support their beliefs. One such anti-climate donor is Robert Mercer, whose family foundation previously supported Ted Cruz —  another climate denying presidential candidate.  After Trump’s win in the primaries, the family diverted to support the Donald. And along with Mercer’s $15 million donation to the campaign, he also devoted $22 million to various organizations attempting to debunk climate science. The anti-science agenda runs in family, too. Mercer’s daughter Rebekkah supports climate rejecting organizations such as...

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A Clean Commute: Dutch Electric Trains Now Run on 100% Wind Energy

Dutch electric trains are now 100% carbon neutral! An estimated 1.2 million rides a day will now be powered completed by wind. This highly impressive achievement comes a year earlier than expected. Back in 2015, the transit authority of the Netherlands, NS, joined forces with energy supplier Eneco. This alliance created the Groene Trein partnership, which pledged to develop a 100% clean railway by 2018. By 2016, however, the transition to clean energy had already hit 75%. A few months later, the project was complete and 600,000 citizens could now conduct their daily commute using only wind energy. So where...

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As Climate Deniers Take over Washington, China Invests Big in Renewables

President Elect Donald Trump may think he knows a thing or two about investments — but in this case, someone has him beat. Chinese government officials recently announced that they will invest $361 billion into renewable energy within the next three years. The investment brings along with it an estimated 13 million jobs for the clean energy sector. Talk about job creation! It’s safe to say that the “foremost power” of coal pollution is looking forward to a brighter future with the help of clean energy. The same cannot be said about the “foremost power” of the world, the...

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The World Responds to the Death of Tilikum, Infamous Killer Whale

After decades of captivity at SeaWorld, Tilikum the killer whale died Friday at age 35, rekindling the debate on the ethics of housing whales and other marine mammals in aquariums and forcing them to perform. Tilikum was the inspiration behind ‘Blackfish,’ the documentary that effectively outed SeaWorld for serial animal abuse. You may remember the troubled orca for his involvement in the deaths of three people, including one in mid performance. Following Tilikum’s death, animal activists across the nation have released statements expressing their grief. World Animal Protection International said, “We are deeply saddened by the news of Tilikum’s...

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The UAE Has Just Banned Keeping Wild Animals as Pets

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has officially outlawed ownership of wild and “dangerous” animals as pets. Under the new regulations, anyone seen with a wild animal in public could spend six months in jail and be fined $136,000. Big cats, such as lions and cheetahs, are all too commonly forced into domestic captivity in the UAE, where owning an exotic cat is seen as a sign of status and wealth. Over the years, an abundance of videos social media posts have brought the issue international attention. We’ve seen everything from lions sitting in speedboats to cheetahs riding shotgun in...

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