Strung up by one leg, thrashing and screaming desperately to be free, foxes are painfully electrocuted by a rod to the mouth, and their limp bodies tossed into a pile to be skinned -- all in front of their terrified cage mates, who await their own turn.

The animals live in cramped wire cages above piles of their own excrement, often suffering painful, bloody injuries with no medical care.

This barbaric treatment goes on every day on Polish fur farms, where 8 million foxes, minks, raccoon dogs and more are killed each year -- all for fashion and profit.

But there is hope. The Polish parliament is considering a bill that would finally ban fur farms in the nation, breaking the cycle of violence and pain.

Sign this petition to the Polish Ambassador to the United States urging the government to pass the ban and outlaw all fur farming in Poland. It's time to stop the torture.

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