It’s been over a year and a half since we first we reported on Rikki, a beautiful white Husky with stunning blue eyes who was ruthlessly shot in the head in Franklin County, Washington.

We are happy to update that Rikki — now renamed Frankie —  has been adopted!

When rescuers found Rikki, she was bleeding from her head, then started seizing shortly afterward. Rescuers rushed Rikki to an animal hospital for emergency medical care, where she was suffering not only from her physical wounds, but from a broken spirit. 

An animal rescue stepped in to cover Rikki’s medical expenses. Lydia, the animal hospital employee who took the initial call about Rikki, became her foster.

Rikki spent over a year in her foster home, “learning how to walk on a leash, how to be a dog, how to play,” Lydia told Lady Freethinker. “She’s really become more comfortable in my home and more comfortable about life in general.”

Lydia and her family did an amazing job at helping Rikki learn to love and trust again. But Rikki was still missing one thing — a forever family — which she finally found.

“She has two humans, two cats, and a canine friend in her forever home,” Lydia told Lady Freethinker. “They love her!”

The man responsible for this sweet dog’s gunshot wounds pleaded guilty to a second-degree cruelty charge. Lady Freethinker thanks the more than 42,000 people who signed our petition seeking justice.

We also want to thank all those who helped Frankie (née Rikki) heal both in body and spirit, especially Lydia and her family. Without fosters like Lydia, rescues are limited on the number of animals they can save. Fostering saves lives.

We wish Frankie and her family a bright, happy future.