Lady Freethinker is once again accepting applications to fund projects to help animals through its Urgent Need Fund grant program!

The newest grant cycle opened July 1 and will close on August 12, 2023.

We encourage any small nonprofit planning or working on a project to care for animals or to raise awareness to improve the way animals are being treated to apply today! Projects could include rescue missions or providing medical care, food, or shelter for the animals — although the possibilities can be endless! 

Last year, LFT awarded six grants to nonprofits that provided spay and neuter clinics for dogs and cats in the Caribbean, published children’s books featuring lovable farmed and companion animals, built a needed shelter for two calves rescued from the dairy industry, and helped injured and sick dogs in Mexico, Montana, and Texas.

Since its inception, the program has awarded more than $350,000 for global animal rescue efforts.

If you are a nonprofit that’s been officially registered for at least two years and that is actively working toward creating a more compassionate world for animals – we want to hear from you!

Check out the eligibility requirements and apply today  — or before August 12 — here