Lady Freethinker has sponsored ads against dog meat in Sumatra as part of our campaign to end the dog meat trade.

We worked with the Sumatran-based animal rescue organization Toba Animal Friends to post the ads on 30 tuk-tuks (bike transportation buggies) that will drive around Medan, Sumatra, reminding people that dogs are not food.

Tuk-Tuk Ads (Courtesy of Toba Animal Friends)

The ad features a photo of three dogs stuffed in burlap sacks with their mouths strapped shut, which was taken during Lady Freethinker’s 2022 investigation into the Sumatran dog meat trade.

LFT’s investigation showed widespread cruelty to dogs killed for food, including animals inside metal crates waiting to be butchered and others who were killed by having their throats slit.

Tuk tuk ads

Tuk-Tuk Ads (Courtesy of Toba Animal Friends)

Lady Freethinker is calling on the Sumatran government to ban the dog meat trade, something that many regions and countries around the world – such as the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand – have already done.

LFT is also urging authorities to investigate all dog transport activity and shut down all illegal operations after an LFT investigation from 2023 revealed dogs were being transported with no evidence of the required paperwork.

Please sign our petitions here and here if you have not already done so and share them with your friends and family!

SIGN: Stop Cruel, Dangerous Transport in Sumatra’s Dog Meat Trade