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Indonesia Agriculture Quarantine Agency ([email protected])

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PETITION TARGET: Indonesia Agriculture Quarantine Agency

A new Lady Freethinker (LFT) investigation into the Sumatran dog meat trade has documented apparently sick and emaciated dogs with scars being transported 17 hours for slaughter, getting yanked off a truck with a long snare pole, and then being shoved into burlap sacks that were tied shut. 

The terrified dogs – who had been reportedly hauled from West Sumatra to North Sumatra – were packed into the truck with no food or water and were surrounded by their own waste during transport, according to LFT’s investigator. The investigator also reported there was no evidence of the quarantine paperwork for any of the dogs, as required by Law No. 16 of 1992 Concerning Animal, Fish and Plant Quarantine for animals entering a new Indonesian territory, which could be a risk to public health, as there would be no way of knowing if dogs are carrying a deadly virus that could be passed to humans, such as rabies.

The investigator also documented pregnant dogs sold for slaughter, including one who yelped as she was yanked by the neck from the truck with a long snare pole, grabbed violently by her leg, and stuffed into a bag.

LFT also observed dogs in sacks placed on top of a van for transport with nothing apparently keeping them from falling off, dogs with their mouths strapped shut, and puppies languishing in rusted cages at live markets.

The animals who end up in these cruel markets and restaurants reportedly are sometimes people’s companions or strays who have been stolen, rounded up from the streets, and then sold in the dog meat trade.

Dogs, who crave companionship and love, deserve better than to be violently killed, chopped to pieces, and eaten.

Sign our petition today urging officials in Indonesia to investigate all dog transport activity and shut down all illegal operations immediately to help save dogs’ lives and to protect public health.