Animal Activism Through Animal Cruelty Investigations

Lady Freethinker’s undercover animal cruelty investigations bring to light otherwise hidden animal abuse and neglect. From capturing the first-known footage of a notorious factory dog meat farm in Gimpo, S. Korea to exposing the filthy and brutal conditions that elephants endure at Bali’s most famous elephant park, our animal activism reaches across the globe. And our investigations create change. As an organization against animal abuse, we petition policymakers, law enforcement, companies, and others to do the right thing and make the world a safer place for all.

Our Recent Investigations

Our animal cruelty investigations work to uncover the mistreatment of all animals. You can’t fight back against cruelty if you don’t know it exists. That’s why we work tirelessly to expose the hidden abuses and neglect happening to animals around the world.


Investigative Success Stories

Our animal cruelty investigation influenced the strongest sentence for dogfighting in the history of Chile, including a life-long ban on the prepetrator ever having animals again. Along with other anti-animal abuse organizations, we’ve helped show people that dogs are friends and not food, fought for tougher animal abuse legislation, and educated millions on the dangers of the global wildlife trade.

Our work is far from over. With your help, we can continue to launch animal cruelty investigations, create petitions for justice for abused animals, and show the world that all animals deserve a cruelty-free life. If you’re passionate about animal activism, sign and share our petitions and become a donor to help send food, medication, and other essential supplies to dogs and cats in need. We’re all in this together.