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Louis Vuitton; https://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/email-us True Outliers; Moses Mandelbaum (CEO) [email protected] Etsy (they allow people to sell fur on their site); John Silverman (CEO): [email protected]. La Boutique Boréale (Montréal) contact: [email protected] Oh La La Boutique (St. Louis Park, MN) https://oohlalaboutiquemn.com/pages/contact-us Boutique Le Chariot (Montréal); [email protected] Confetti (NYC) https://www.confetti-boutique.com/pages/contact-us

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PETITION TARGET: Retailers that sell fur

Thousands of terrified foxes and raccoon dogs were crammed in row after row of tiny, barren, wire cages. Some cowered in fear in the backs of enclosures; others paced back and forth or swayed.

That’s what an investigation into fur farms in Hebei and Jilin, China – conducted by Lady Freethinker and local Chinese organization Paws of China – revealed.

Animals were pulled out of enclosures using iron tongs or a metal pole. Others were yanked by their sensitive tails.

fox pulled by tail

Fox Pulled From Cage By Tail (Lady Freethinker Investigation)


Then, the cages of petrified animals were carted to a different location on site to be killed. Others were thrown onto a truck and taken to an outdoor fur market where they would be skinned in public view, according to investigators.

Investigators documented one fox being skinned by a worker. The animal lashed around as the skin was pulled from his or her body. 

foxes stacked in cages

Animals Stacked in Cages on Truck (Lady Freethinker Investigation)


Another fox who had been skinned was documented blinking and moving his or her jaw, meaning the animal had been skinned while still alive and conscious.

The fox continued to struggle and show movement for 5-long-minutes before succumbing to an agonizing death.

The animals’ bloody carcasses are then sold for human consumption, according to investigators, while their fur is sold to the fashion industry.

Animal skins

Animal Skins (Lady Freethinker Investigation)


With so many fashionable, durable, and warm alternatives to animal fur, there is absolutely no justification for torturing and killing animals for fashion.

Sign this petition urging retailers to stop selling fur immediately and remember to always leave animal fur and skins out of your wardrobe.