Stay up-to-date with the most influential animal rights activists in the industry. Through a series of exclusive and informative interviews, Lady Freethinker discusses animal rights issues, such as factory farming, climate change, animal testing and experimentation, animal exploitation for entertainment, and more. Consider new ways of thinking about animals, learn about the history of the animal rights movement, and discover sustainable, cruelty-free companies making a difference in our world.


Wide-Ranging Animal Advocacy

Through an open and honest discussion with industry-leading animal rights activists, researchers, and celebrity activists, Lady Freethinker seeks to change the world’s perception about who animals are.

In an interview with author and activist Julie Barton, for example, we discover how companion animals can change our lives. Author and double-board certified neurologist Dr. Aysha Akhtar teaches us how eliminating animal testing can lead to faster and more effective medical treatment options for people. And Lola Webber reveals the harsh reality of the global dog meat industry.

Animal rights issues extend far beyond the areas of science and politics. From purchasing cruelty-free clothing to eating a plant-based diet, ordinary, everyday decisions can save animals’ lives. Pamela Jean Noble’s Noble Critters sells animal-related t-shirts and donates 100 percent of its profits to animal rescues and sanctuaries. Nicole Rawling is paving the way for cruelty-free fashion with her Material Innovation Initiative. And the Animal Welfare Institute is helping find suitable shelters for women and their beloved pets to escape domestic violence through its Safe Havens Mapping Project.

From three-time Olympic gold medalist and former member of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team Heather Mitts to platinum-selling recording artist Moby, athletes and celebrities recognize the importance of animal rights activism, too. Mitts is involved with Switch4Good, an anti-dairy nonprofit, and Moby celebrates animal rights every year at his Circle V music festival.

Explore our interviews with animal experts and join us in our fight to help animals all over the world. 

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