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VIDEO: Meet Patanga, the ‘Gadget Whiz’ Kitty Who Needs a Forever Home

Cuteness alert! Patanga, the “gadget whiz” kitty, is up for adoption through the Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket, Thailand. The 10-month-old black-and-white male is known around the shelter for his inquisitive personality and his passion for playing. He earned his nickname as the “gadget whiz” because he eagerly masters any and all of the shelter’s donated toys. Patanga loves humans just as much as he loves being a toy genius, and is usually the first cat to greet shelter visitors. Any prospective cat owner would be lucky to have this sweet and friendly boy, who’s never known the stability...

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Only 12 Vaquita Porpoises Are Left in the Entire World

Last year the count was 30. When this year’s count came back at 12, optimism for the survival of the vaquita porpoise drained out of researchers’ hearts. Little hope remains for the species whose lives have been snared by illegal gillnet fishing in the Gulf of California. Spanish for “little cow,” the vaquita were only discovered in the 1950s. Half a century later, they are the most endangered cetacean, on the brink of vanishing forever. The world’s smallest porpoise species, the vaquita average around 5 feet in length and 95 pounds. Tucked between the Baja Peninsula and mainland Mexico,...

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Newly Adopted Dog Saves 6-Year-Old Boy from Drowning

An adopted pitbull named Yeti is being hailed as a hero after he came to the rescue of a drowning six-year-old boy at Wet Beaver Creek, Arizona, last week. The Lennox family were enjoying an outing at the creek when six-year-old Fallon, who has not learned how to swim yet, fell into a deeper part of the river. “It was too cold, they weren’t supposed to be swimming, and Fallon fell in the river and got swept down the river toward the little falls,” explained Fallon’s father, Mr Lennox. “All the adults were running to him and couldn’t get...

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Maryland Passes ‘Beagle Freedom Bill’ to Help Research Dogs Get Adopted

The Maryland General Assembly has passed new legislation that requires research facilities in the state to “take reasonable steps” to adopt out any dogs used in scientific experiments once they are no longer needed. Named the Beagle Freedom Bill because beagles are the most commonly used dog breed for research, the new law means institutions will have to search for placement of the dogs, or create relationships with animal rescue centers that can help find them new homes. Up until now, there have been no laws regulating what happens to animals after the testing ends, and animals are routinely euthanized...

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Warning: Those Colorful Balloons Are Deadly to Wildlife

Colourful party balloons released by millions of people throughout the world are endangering the planet’s wildlife. Every balloon that is released, whether it bursts or slowly deflates over time, MUST fall to earth eventually, where, at the very least it becomes part of the planet’s massive rubbish problem, or at worst, is ingested by an animal, causing a slow and painful death. In 2016, a study from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) found that balloons, plastic bags and bottles were the three most harmful pollutants to wildlife. Balloons and balloon fragments are unable to be digested, and...

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VIDEO: Wild Elephant Caught ‘Blowing Smoke’ in Rare Footage

Scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society caught a rare glimpse of an elephant appearing to blow smoke when they checked their camera traps in Nagaharole National Park in India. The elephant was blowing ashes off of wood charcoal, a snack that acts as a laxative and helps get rid of unwanted toxins. Populations of wild elephants across Africa and Asia are dwindling at alarming rates. Due to fragmentation, isolation, habitat loss, and illegal killing, Asian elephants currently exist in a mere 10 percent of their historical range. Elephants play an important role in the ecosystem, dispersing seeds that help...

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These Celebs Are Eating Plant-Based for VegWeek; Take the Pledge and Join Them

Thousands of compassionate and eco-conscious people are pledging to eat only plant-based foods for the week of April 16-22, joining a growing list of celebrities who have made the promise to go vegetarian for VegWeek 2018. Celebrated every year in April, and tying in with Earth Day on April 22nd, VegWeek is a fun way to educate the public about the benefits of a plant-based diet. Some of this year’s celebrity endorsers include actress and author Alicia Silverstone, recording artists Mya and Belinda Carlisle, body builder Torre Washington and surfer Tia Blanco, along with many more high profile animal...

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