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On Monday, New Jersey state legislature voted to ban the use of elephants and other exotic animals from circuses and other entertainment facilities within the state. With overwhelming support, the bill passed the Senate and the Assembly, and if Gov. Chris Christie signs the bill, “Nosey’s Law” will make New Jersey the first state with such a ban. Sen. Raymond Lesniak and Sen. Nilsa Cruz Perez sprung into action after hearing of the plight of Nosey the elephant, a 35-year old African elephant used in The Great American Family Circus of Orlando, who was recently confiscated from her owner in Alabama after allegations...

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Company Caught Drowning Live Pigeons Now Faces 25 Animal Cruelty Charges

Biological supply company Bio Corporation is facing 25 animal cruelty charges after being exposed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for unethical and illegal practices in their warehouse. Each of the 25 charges carries a fine of up to $1000. Based in Alexandria, Minnesota, the company obtains and sells the bodies of animals. The majority are destined for public school science classroom dissections. The evidence used to charge Bio Corp was secretly recorded by a representative of PETA, who went undercover as a worker within the company. The undercover employee obtained footage of entire crates of...

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VIDEO: Bird Frozen to A Fence Saved by Kind Rescuer

When he stopped to rest on a length of metal piping, this sparrow’s feet froze solid. Weighing in at just one ounce, he doesn’t have enough strength to get his feet unstuck from the frost so he can fly away. Luckily, the video-maker knew a trick to help his feathered friend out of this sticky situation. First, the kind rescuer places his hand around the nervous bird to stop him from hurting himself. You can see how the warm touch calms down the bird. Once the sparrow has stopped panicking, and his legs have had a moment to warm up...

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Humpback Whale Protects Human Diver from Deadly Tiger Shark

Renowned marine biologist Nan Hauser had an incredible close encounter with a 25-ton humpback whale in October 2017. This experience happened while Hauser and her team were immersed in the sea near the Cook Islands on a dive in search of marine mammals. During the routine dive, the humpback whale approached Hauser. Over the next 10 minutes, the whale interacted with her: lifting her out of the ocean and attempting to tuck her under its pectoral fin. This was all caught on camera, both from her personal device and by the documentary filmmaker that was diving with her. Several times during...

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China’s Online Retailers are Dropping Dog Meat from their Stores

Joining a number of other online shopping platforms, Chinese retailer Pin Duo Duo has banned the sale of dog and cat meat after customers discovered and reported that some of its retailers were selling such products online. Pin Duo Duo released a statement on December 12, 2017, announcing that “it was prohibited for anyone to sell cat and dog meat on the platform,” and mentioned there would be action taken against the perpetrators. In the statement, the retailer also talked about the potential dangers involved with consuming animals that may be infected with parasites or diseases that can affect humans,...

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VIDEO: Meet The World’s Tiniest Cat – Small Enough to Hide Under a Leaf!

The rusty spotted cat is the world’s smallest cat. Weighing just over one kilogram on average (200 times lighter than a lion), they can only be found in the forests of Sri Lanka and India. They’re also very rare, with only 36 individuals left worldwide. To help the small critters find prey in the undergrowth, they’re aided by eyes that are six times more powerful than the average human’s. Like most wild and domestic cats, they’re skilled hunters and climbers. Although they’ve been born in captivity and occasionally kept as pets, the rusty spotted cat is at home in the wild....

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