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SIGN: Stop Freight Trains from Killing India’s Elephants

Tragedy struck last week when a speeding train crashed into 4 elephants in India’s Bagadihi Forest. The train threw the majestic animals into the air, leaving their battered, lifeless bodies strewn along the tracks. One of the elephants was just a baby. Elephant killings by reckless trains have become a grave problem in India. In February, five elephants were killed in a gruesome train collision. And more than 30 elephant/train deaths have reportedly happened in just the past 5 years, a major spike from previous decades. Elephants are already under threat from brutal poaching, and we must protect them from...

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SIGN: Stop Killing Dogs and Cats Like Trash After Research Ends

Dogs and cats endure intense suffering for medical research. Held captive in isolated metal cages, they may be force-fed toxic chemicals, exposed to excruciating illnesses and forced into painful and invasive procedures. After months or years of misery, those who survive the experiments are typically euthanized and tossed away like trash. A new bill could help save these dogs’ and cats’ lives in the state of Rhode Island. the Research Animal Retirement Act would require research facilities to “make reasonable efforts” to find homes for adoptable dogs and cats retired from experimentation. No animal deserves to suffer in research labs. Finding...

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SIGN: Justice for Pet Dog Skinned Alive for ‘Fresh Meat’

When a dog’s owner went looking for their missing companion animal in Bloemfontein, S. Africa Friday night, they stumbled on a horrifying scene. Their beloved pet was being skinned alive on the side of the road by a strange man. The alleged reason? The attacker wanted fresh dog meat to eat. The dog had reportedly been hit by a car, but was still conscious when the attacker began skinning the helpless animal. One leg was severed from the body, and had already been skinned by the time the crime was discovered. The perpetrator now faces animal cruelty charges, and...

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