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Video: Activist Divers Save a Dying Tiger Shark

This touching video shows divers from Sea Shepherd and  Animal Amnesty boats save a dying tiger shark. The shark suffered a hook through the head (thanks to a fishing company) and was released back into the water after the hook was removed. But the tiger shark was very sick, and may have died without help. So the brave activist divers –15 of them in all — swam with the shark, holding her or him upright so that water could pass through the gills. It took more than an hour of TLC, but soon the shark was able to swim...

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Sea Shepherd Won the Battle of Japan, but the Whale War Isn’t Over

The United Nations court may have halted whaling in Japan, but the Sea Shepherd’s whaling protest days are far from over. In fact, founder Paul Watson said that he’s planning to steer the Shepherd’s ships back to the Southern Ocean in December to make sure that the Japanese mean it when they say they’re stopping the hunt. In Watson’s words: “I’m not 100 percent convinced they will abide by the ruling. They tend to agree and then do whatever they want to do anyway. That has been the history with the International Whaling Commission. Our ships will be prepared...

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Man – The Greatest Species in the World (Video)

This brilliant animated video shows how humans, the supposed greatest species in the world, may not be so great when you look at our actions. Let’s just say that if humans were “created in god’s image,” we have a pretty twisted lord. Yes, it’s a bit simplified, but there’s a whole lot of truth in this cartoon. Fair warning: you may feel kind of depressed by the end. I’m consoling myself in the fact that we’re getting better (at least some of us are), and that if we last long enough, progressivism can change this picture over the next decades and centuries. Bravo, Steve Cutts, for showing it all so poignantly and in such a darkly beautiful...

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Looking for a Labradoodle? Rescue – Never Buy – This Breed

Labradoodles are hot doggies right now, but their success is shrouded by a very dark story.  Sure these dogs are adorable, but the sad reality has original Labradoodle breeder Wally Conron wishing he’d never built this craze. Conron stumbled upon this new puppy hybrid when trying to find a solution for a visually impaired woman. Her husband was allergic to dogs, so she needed a guide animal that wouldn’t cause him health problems. The poodle/labrador mix fit the bill, but was hard to sell to other clients. Eventually, Conron coined the catchy term “labradoodle,” and the new breed took off...

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An Animated Harp Seal Brilliantly Explains Why Animals Need Our Help (Video)

Dr. Harp Seal is the mouthpiece for all creatures in this clever video, and explains why we need a Geneva Convention for animals. Animals endure unspeakable cruelty all over the world, yet we have no global standards for how we treat them. It hurts to hear about the horrors that some animals are put through, but together we can help stop it. Dr. Seal correctly likens systematic animal torture — from lab testing to dolphin slaughters to the meat industry — to slavery or the holocaust. In the future, animal torture will be seen as the barbaric practice that...

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The Jaw-Dropping Flying Snake – Video

If you have a fear of snakes, you might want to close your eyes. This video of a flying snake  (technically a gliding snake) shows the elegant serpent soaring through the air from heights that would probably kill you or me. The snake seems to fall in the beginning, but then moves nearly horizontally through space. I had to look up the flying snake after watching this video, and I learned that they can actually make turns in the air just by undulating their bodies. National Geographic also says that they’re even better at gliding than the flying squirrel. I...

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Animals in Danger of Extinction This Decade

As humans binge on natural resources and pollute the land and water, we leave in our wake thousands of animals in danger of extinction. Some animal populations have dwindled so low that they may be gone within the next decade. I found most of the animals below from a recent list posted by Scientific American. Some of the creatures are cute, others are exotic and a few are just plain strange. But all of them contribute to the diversity of the planet — and a diverse Earth makes a healthier home for all of us. Pied Tamarin With soulful eyes and a...

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Will SeaWorld San Diego Finally Free Shamu?

The orca show may be a hit with tourists, but SeaWorld San Diego may soon need to free Shamu from life in a watery cell. California Assemblyman Richard Bloom wants to ban keeping killer whales in captivity for entertainment — and if he succeeds, the Shamu spectacle is one show that will not go on. I sure love my state sometimes. Bloom got a wake-up call after watching the movie “Blackfish,” which probes into the psychology of orcas like Tilikum, who killed a trainer at SeaWorld Orlando in 2010. Despite the sinister name, killer whales don’t usually hurt people...

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