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VIDEO: Noel the Yorkie May Have Lost Her Front Legs, But She Refuses to Slow Down

 Noel the dog’s life hung in the balance after she was hit by a car and suffered over a dozen breaks in her front legs. She was also going into shock. Rescuers from Marley’s Mutts in Bakersfield, California were faced with a tough decision: have the pup euthanized or allow vets to amputate her two front legs. They weren’t ready to give up on her, so they opted for the latter, despite some veterinarians feeling reluctant to perform the procedure because they thought euthanasia was the best option. According to Zach Skow, founder of Marley’s Mutts, many thought...

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Firemen Wade Through Frozen Lake to Save Dog Who Fell Through the Ice

On Saturday morning, firefighters of Station 18 in Oaklyn, New Jersey, received a 911 call regarding a dog who fell through ice. The Shar Pei, identified as Lilly, was seen by bystanders walking along the thin ice of a lake when the the ice broke, plunging her into the frigid cold waters beneath. Volunteer firefighters hurried to the rescue. Two firemen crawled atop the frozen lake towards the hole Lilly had fallen through, bringing with them a sled with ropes attached. Eventually reaching her, the rescuers got into the frigid water themselves and put Lilly on the sled, wading...

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VIDEO: Kind Heroes Rip Up Sidewalk to Save Trapped Pregnant Dog

  A broken piece of sidewalk was patched up before anyone knew there was a pregnant dog trapped underneath. The dog had crawled under the bricks before the opening was repaired. When concerned citizens realized she was stuck helplessly beneath the concrete, they tried to get help from the local rescue agency but were unsuccessful. The heroes decided to take matters into their own hands and rescue the dog themselves. After the necessary bricks had been removed, reopening the hole the dog had entered through, the rescuers were still unable to see her. That’s when the man who’d removed...

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UK Introduces Groundbreaking Legislation to Stop Online Puppy Mill Dealers

Many people who buy puppies online or in pet shops are unaware of the horror that goes on in notorious puppy mills. Dogs are kept in cramped, filthy cages, and many get sick or even die in the terrible conditions. In an attempt to end the cruelty, the UK government has proposed Lucy’s Law, legislation stating that puppies can no longer be sold without the mother present. This law was enacted after the rescue of a cavalier spaniel named Lucy from a puppy mill. Suffering from epilepsy and a curved spine, among other health issues, Lucy died shortly after her...

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