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Animal Nonprofit in Vietnam Caught Selling ‘Rescued’ Dogs to Dog Meat Restaurants

We always hope and take for granted that a nonprofit will do what’s right. But that wasn’t the case with the Da Nang Dogs and Cats Information and Rescue Station, located in the city of Da Nang, Vietnam. The owner, Vu Van Chinh, has admitted he killed and sold dogs to dog meat restaurants to serve as meals, stating he did so to raise money for the charity. But former volunteers have a different story to tell. There have been claims that the charity was actually a front for a trade in dog and cat meat. Mr. Chinh denies this...

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Revealed: Scotland’s Secret Government Plan to Shoot and Kill Cats

Scottish government documents were recently obtained revealing secret plans to trap and kill feral and domestic cats by shooting them with a shotgun. Wildcat Haven, an organization aiming to save the endangered Scottish Wildcat, acquired the documents from government agency Scottish Natural Haven (SNH) that reveal their plan to kill the cats. To make matters worse, SNH is carrying out this measure in the name of conservation, claiming to protect the endangered Scottish wildcat population. Surviving thousands of years of human persecution, the Scottish wildcat is now in grave danger of becoming entirely extinct. The Scottish wildcat is an isolated...

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The Cat Meat Trade: A Brutal Practice Grows

The tiny cages are packed full of domesticated cats, just like the beloved pets you would see laying in a sunbeam or curled up on a warm lap. Thousands are jammed onto trucks for a torturous ride to restaurants, slaughterhouses and markets. Upon arrival, dozens have already died. Many who have survived are boiled alive before being skinned and butchered. Most have days to wait in unthinkable conditions before meeting their ends. The cat meat trade in China and other Asian countries may get less attention than the dog meat trade, but sale and consumption of cat has been increasing and a new movement...

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Nearly 9 Million Chinese Citizens Vote Online to Ban Dog and Cat Meat

A new bill in China proposing an end to the sale of dog and cat meat has gained massive support. This brutal trade in dog and cats has spread disease in humans, created outrage all over the world, and induced the suffering of millions of animals. The proposal was put forth by Zheng Xiaohe, a deputy to the National People’s Congress, and has received almost 9 million votes online supporting its enactment. Though the bill may not have any easy path to become law, the popular support can’t be ignored by the government and will hopefully make a difference in...

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‘Depraved’ Wall Street Banker Arrested for Torturing Roommate’s Cat

A Wall Street banker living in New York has been arrested for torturing his roommate’s cat. Ireland native Declan Garrity, 24, was arrested Wednesday morning for the abuse of his roommate’s cat over the span of three months. According to the New York Daily News, Lucy the cat suffered two right leg fractures, a fracture of the left pelvis, burns, broken claws, and muscle damage. She is now in an intensive care unit. Garrity was charged with “torturing and injuring animals,” two counts for aggravated cruelty to animals, and one for acting in a “depraved/sadistic manner.” Garrity’s roommate claims...

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Congress Bans ‘Class B’ Dealers From Selling Dogs and Cats For Lab Testing

In a victory against animal trafficking and abuse, Congress recently passed a law banning funds for USDA class B licenses, which permit animal dealers to sell “random source” dogs and cats for medical research. Animals pedaled by class B dealers undergo terrible abuses, and are often sourced from animal shelters or are pets stolen from their owners. Animal dealers are part of a large network that supplies animals to laboratories and research facilities where they are often force-fed poison, exposed to radiation, and subjected to other harmful tests and procedures. Anyone who sells an animal to these laboratories must acquire a license from the USDA. Class A license holders breed their own animals; class B dealers, on the other hand, purchase and sell “random source” animals from shelters, individual owners, breeders, and other B dealers.  For a nominal fee, a class B license can be obtained by pretty much anyone. “Bunchers” are another significant link in the animal dealers’ network. Animals are collected by bunchers through “free to a good home” ads and by stealing pets from shopping areas and backyards. Bunchers will even pose as animal control personnel and drive through neighborhoods combing for strays. The bunchers then sell large groups of animals to class B dealers, who in turn sell to research labs. If this story wasn’t sad enough, animal protection organizations have revealed major abuses within the...

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