A top engineering student in China was reportedly denied admission to a prestigious post-grad program after he allegedly admitted to posting a video of himself forcing a cat into a bucket of water, then holding the cat’s head under water to drown, according to University World News.

This disturbing incident sheds light on the dark and vile ring of cat torture groups which continue to brutally maim and kill cats for “fun” online — and which Lady Freethinker continues to work to stop. The groups have posted videos to Telegram and other platforms showing cats boiled alive, burned, electrocuted, and placed in blenders or meat grinders, according to witnesses and information reviewed by Lady Freethinker.

This is not the first time a university student has been linked to cat torture groups online. Now, some universities have started denying admissions and expelling students who partake in cat torture videos.

The Chinese Ministry of Education’s National Master’s Degree Graduate Enrollment Work specifically states that “those who fail the ideological and moral character assessment shall not be admitted,” as reported by ECNS Wire.

Two top universities denied the aforementioned engineering student admission to their graduate programs despite being a top-scoring student, although neither school explicitly said the student was denied admission due to his alleged history of animal abuse.

Just a few weeks prior to this news story, another Chinese university student was expelled over videos which reportedly showed him punching, kicking, and beating a cat with a hanger, then throwing the crying cat against his dormitory wall, according to Global Times. Prior to that incident, another university student was expelled for allegedly filming a cat being lit on fire, according to Sixth Tone. Yet another case involved a university student who reportedly tortured 80 stray cats for money.

It should not be up to China’s schools to dissuade individuals from committing acts of violence against animals.

China does not currently have any nation-wide laws against cat torture. It’s time for that to change.

Lady Freethinker is calling for Chinese legislators to pass nationwide anti-animal cruelty laws that would create consequences for those who maim and kill cats and other animals.

On May 22, LFT will host a protest in Washington D.C. — dropping off thousands of signatures at the Chinese Embassy and imploring the ambassador to use his influence to stop cats from being tortured and killed online for profit, “entertainment,” or any other reason.

Raise your voice for cats in China and sign our petition today urging the Ambassador of China to push for legislation to finally stop cat torture in China.