Black Cats Are Being Shunned Because they Don’t Look Good in Selfies

Black Cats Are Being Shunned Because they Don’t Look Good in Selfies

An animal shelter in the UK has reported a disturbing trend. Black cats are being passed over for adoptions because they don’t show up well in selfie and social media photos.

The Moggery cat rescue center in Bristol, England is at the point of offering free spaying and neutering for black cats so there is less of a chance the shelter becomes even more overrun with kittens that cannot be adopted. The founder of the center, Christine Bayka, has noticed the black cat adoption problem growing worse over her 20 years running the shelter. In an interview with the BBC she said, “It’s become more serious now because people live their life on selfies. Black cats are now less popular because they don’t show up well in pictures.”

“When people ring me in the kitten season they will say ‘any colour except black’.”

The RSPCA in the UK has reported that half of the cats in their shelters are black or black and white. Plus it can take an average of ten days longer to find homes for black cats than other colors.

It may not just be black cats that are at risk of rejection due to the stigma of not being photogenic. People are looking for “designer cats” and animals with a unique look to suit an Instagram feed. Bayka said, “People want designer kittens. They put an order in now. I find it baffling.”

People responded on Twitter with amazing black cat photos.


Tips on taking a great black cat selfie

black cat silhouette photography

Try a silhouette for a great black cat shot.

Lighting is everything. Even with an entirely black face, proper lighting can bring out the contours and shadows as well as a glossy coat and adorable nose. Natural light directed at the face is best.

Focus on the eyes. Black cats will always have striking eyes. Try for some artistic close-up shots or catch your cat in a particularly wide-eyed moment.

Silhouette your cat against a white or bright background. The contrast will be enhance some of those quintessential cat poses.

Capturing the unique, playful nature of your cat is more important than a unique look or perfect face.

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    Black cats are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Has anyone ever watched as their beautiful coats glisten in light, especially sunlight! I swear some people are just so inept!

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  2. Avery

    I’ve had feline companion animals for over 35 years. Tabby, grey, “spotted”, calico — and, most wonderfully, black. I got this gorgeous, long-haired black male “rescue” cat when he was about six months old. I had to say goodbye when he was 18 years old. In that time, he was the most lovable, huggable, bumbly, gorgeous cat I ever met. Of course, I’ve loved all of my cats, but Dondy Bear was special in a way only a black cat could be.
    People who turn away from adopting a black cat don’t know what they’re missing.

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  3. František Hajdúk

    Je to celkom JEDNO každá je krásna a dobrý spoločník do domácnosti !!!

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  4. Shaun Fletcher

    We had a stray black and white cat adopt us, he was great and had a wonderful personality, miss him loads. I have him as my screen picture on my mobile phone still to this day. But as some have already pointed out, stupidity at its best here.

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  5. Katina

    People are just outright stupid! Why would you reject a beautiful black cat for that stupid ass reason? So many people need mental help. Animals deserve better than these idiots as parents!

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  6. Katina

    People are just outright stupid! Why would you reject a beautiful black cat for that stupid ass reason? So many people need mental help. Animals deserve better than these idiots as parents!

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  7. ads n

    i have a rescue black kitty and she look regal in all photos let alone selfies!

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  8. Scott Amundsen

    Nonsense. We have two black cats (one tux and one all black); they both photograph beautifully because they have striking eyes (and they’re showoffs too! LOL)

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  9. adel

    Black cats are beautiful and nice. They are not evil.

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  10. Teri J Wilson

    Ridiculous! What a load of crap. People are more concerned with selfies than giving an animal a home?!? STUPiD PEOPLE!!! I despise STUPID PEOPLE!!!!

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  11. Andri Tsierkezou

    An animals color doesn’t justify if it’s good or bad!!

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  12. Andrea Stavrou

    An animal is beautiful whatever its color may be. Excuses!!!

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  13. Kylie T

    The love, companionship and joy that animals bring into our lives is the most special gift of all not a colour.

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  14. Laura Hickey

    Retarded. Who gives a crap about a selfie, what the hell is wrong with today’s generation. Do you love a cat or not? It’s not a trophy it’s an animal who needs love food etc not for your narcissistic selfie purposes.

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  15. Ellen McConnell

    This is sick & ridiculous!!! I have had 2 black cats & they are 2 of the best.!

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  16. Sher

    People are ridiculous and not real animal lovers. Sadly black cats suffer in the hands of depraved individuals. Sick world.

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  17. She and She

    What a load of rubbish Black cats are beautiful,and they are photogenic.Also as stated below they are not true cat lovers and should not be allowed to have any animal including Dogs.

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  18. Jan Bowden

    If anyone doesn’t like black cats – they are not true cat lovers, and should not be allowed ANY cats!!!
    They are not commodities!!!

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  19. Richard thomas

    Cats are sentient creatures, not props for morons to use in selfies.

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  20. Lindsay Southcombe

    I have a black (or did -he died a couple of years ago sadly), a black and white and a tortoiseshell and white from the same litter. They are all equally lovely. People are so shallow. And as for this Instagram nonsense – they shouldn’t be allowed to have an animal if that is all they care about.

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  21. linda Wiltshire

    I have got 3 cats including a black boy. If you love cats then it shouldnt matter if it’s sky blue pink. As for photos what difference does it make you are giving an animal a home. Next time I get a cat it will be a black one.

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  22. champion

    J’adore les chats noirs . En ce qui me concerne, ils me portent bonheur!!!

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  23. Anne kuzel

    That is crazy, I have a black cat buddy or we call buddtar yes she’s a girl, when she was a kitten we though she was a boy surprise. I wouldn’t give her up for the world so gentle and loving. Very smart. Yes she is harder to get a picture but just take a few extra minutes I got some great ones on my cellphone. I would recommend a black cat to anyone!!!!!!

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  24. Linda J Collard

    Black cats are some of the most beautiful. All humans care about is how they look! I find it disgusting and stupid, another reason to be ashamed to be a human being. I wish I could adopt all the black cats in the world, I love them.

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  25. Emily Boliver

    I have always thought that black cats were the most beautiful cats. They are very loving, smart, and they are beautiful.

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  26. Lisa stanfill

    I had a black cat before he passed away and he was the most beautiful , loving and gentle cat . Black cats are wonderful ! Please adopt black cats !!!

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  27. Cathy

    I have alwYs had black cats and know who they are so no selfies needed
    Love them
    Maybe people should just spend more time with them and stop the photographs??

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  28. Shasha

    It is just superstition about black cats. I have 4 black cats. Each one is awesome and unique/great personalities. Black may survive better due to black absorbing heat in the winter. God bless all cats. May people adopt 2 cats so they have someone to play with.

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  29. Gianna

    Actually black cats look spectacular.

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  30. Leanne

    What superficial, shallows dickheads these people are. Black animals are good as any other coloured animal. I had two black cats and they were purrfect. My neighbour told as a beautiful black lab.

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  31. Brian Pigeau

    Shallow, superficial morons who shun black cats for such a stupid, irresponsible reason. I have a black cat and black dog and they both take beautiful pictures but let me tell you, if I couldn’t photograph them at all I would still want them in my life and love them as much as I do now. Grow up people. Sounds like the poll was carried out using Paris Hilton type people. Shame on all who would be so ignorant.

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  32. Amy Pruitt

    Don’t look good in selfies?!? Black cats/animals are the most beautiful creatures!! People who say that must be mental. I’ve had 2 black kitty babies, one feral but very sweet and they have great purrsonalities, beautiful coats. Black animals are amazing!

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  33. Tisa

    Anybody that superficial should not have a cat any color.
    There are such stupid people.

    Black cats are sweet and beautiful.

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    People are dumb as F. Seriously. I don’t expect anything logical from most that walk around us. I would adopt, love, respect and develop a beautiful relationship with every black cat in the world if I had unlimited time and resources. They are my buddies. That is all.

    P.S. This site does make you despise humanity, but it is a necessary “evil”.

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  35. missy

    If they don’t want black cats they don’t love animals and should not even be allowed to adopt. Freaking idiots.

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  36. Anya

    My sister and I love all animals. We love Black Cats, they need homes and love to.

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  37. Tara Souther

    Sad that narcissistic people care more about their selfie than saving a life. Newsflash folks… no one really cares what you look like! They do,however, care what you do. Selfish a$$3$. On second thought, probably better that these idiots don’t adopt an animal. They would think nothing of abandoning it once it was no longer attention-getting or convenient.

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  38. M.K. Sprinkle

    I’ve been fortunate enough to have had 4 of these gorgeous little black panthers in my life. Given the correct lighting and backdrop, nothing exceeds the beauty of the black cat.

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  39. Fran

    Black cats are beautiful and very loving I have several

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    Social Media has warped “some” peoples view of the world, I find it very sad.

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  41. Donna

    I like the color black and it’s very sad that because of a selfie people don’t want to adopt a cat, Actually they can take a very beautiful picture especially when they are so happy that you gave them a great new life and you both love each other very much

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  42. Kim

    Black is just a hair color. That’s like discriminating against humans because you don’t like their hair. Absolutely ridiculous. I love my black cats.

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  43. Dawn Nicholls

    I’ve never heard anything so stupid these people are obviously only interested in having a cat as an accessory they must be backward or something if their own aim in life is to take pointless selfies which are dumb anyway I have a black cat and she is amazing I would definitely get another

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    Omg I have my black baby for 16 years I would get a another one pple just are being stupid sorry I have plenty of photos of him he’s amazing

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  45. Diane Foubert

    This is just plain stupid–I have a black dog and he takes fantastic pictures–get your lighting right

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  46. Jeanne

    This is ridiculous. Black cats are beautiful and fun to have around on Halloween. Kitty costumes show up better on their beautiful fur. Why are people so ignorant?

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