VIDEO: Firefighters Use Tiny Oxygen Mask to Save Cat Pulled from Fire

After extinguishing a house fire in St. Louis, Missouri, firefighters discovered a cat struggling to breathe. The cat, named Steven, had been home alone during the fire. The firefighters immediately took Steven outside and administered an oxygen mask specially designed for pets. Thanks to the swift efforts of rescue personnel, Steven has recovered from smoke inhalation and is reunited with his loving family!

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  1. Amy Berry

    Hurray for the compassion of St. Louis rescue personnel. You all are AWESOME!

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  2. Heather HJ

    Beautiful, awesome. Very proud of these firefighters. Even cats need to be rescued.

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  3. Joan Hobbs

    God bless these fire-fighters who cared to save this cat, and for whomever thought to supply them with such equipment.

    Lady Freethinker, I know there are lots of replies, but might they see a few of the best ones so they are further appreciated?

    Thank you!

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  4. Trish Katwrangler W

    This is one of my “if I can ever afford it …”
    Oxygen masks for pets, in three sizes, to as many fire companies I can get to.
    And Kevlar vests for all K9 Officers I can get to.

    THANK YOU to the wonderful First Responders/Firefighters who saved Steven πŸ’•
    Brave and compassionate – all heroes

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  5. Lynn Marie Bailey

    Hero’s !! Lucky kitty. Happy family!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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  6. Sherrie L Risen

    Great hero’s, thank you for taking the time to ressitate Steven so he can get back to his family!!

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  7. Resa

    Amazing job! Thank you firefighters for seeing that this little animal has a life and there is value in his life. Thank you for being an example of how we should strive to be. Congrats to you, your department, and your families!!

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  8. ann

    πŸΊπŸ’šπŸŒŸthanks for saving Steven 🐈🐾🐾

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  9. Samantha Vieira

    As an ex firefighter volunteer, I only experienced cruel firefighter towards animals, I can only say it’s amazing to see , what I truly believe firefighters are meant to be.

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  10. Sheila T.

    What wonderful lifesavers these firefighters are! Thanks to all of you for recognizing that a life is a life even if it is an animal. You have always been my knights in shining armor. May God bless and keep you safe.

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  11. Leanne

    Thanku to the St Louis firegighters who rescued Steven and thank God there is a apparatus that gives oxygen to pets. 🐱🐈🐾

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  12. Cathy HILL

    So thankful!! What you did was beyond amazing! Thanks for saving that cat!

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  13. Anne kuz

    That is so awesome, those firefighters should get a medal for heroes. Thank your so much for seeing that this cat is part of the family and should be seen as one and deserves the same life saving reactions too. Thanks again you are heroes in my book and stay safe.

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  14. Michelle McGee

    Love our firefighters- they risk their lives everyday and even save our furbabies maybe even when totally exhausted!! Lets always support them and thank them for what they do!!

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  15. Sheila Burk

    Great firemen they are life savers for both human and animals. Kudos to all those great men and women who do the job!!!!!

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  16. Janice

    How wonderful that the firefighters treated the cat just as well as a human being!

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  17. Regina Martins

    WOW, amazing how she was saved. Here in Brazil, our firemen do it as well.
    I do hope everything is ok and keep safe the special and blessed cat.

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