VIDEO: Meet Patanga, the ‘Gadget Whiz’ Kitty Who Needs a Forever Home

Cuteness alert! Patanga, the “gadget whiz” kitty, is up for adoption through the Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket, Thailand. The 10-month-old black-and-white male is known around the shelter for his inquisitive personality and his passion for playing. He earned his nickname as the “gadget whiz” because he eagerly masters any and all of the shelter’s donated toys.

Patanga loves humans just as much as he loves being a toy genius, and is usually the first cat to greet shelter visitors. Any prospective cat owner would be lucky to have this sweet and friendly boy, who’s never known the stability of a forever home, as their loyal and affectionate companion. If you’re interested in providing Patanga with a lifetime of well-deserved, unconditional love, which will undoubtedly be reciprocated, please click here or send an e-mail to [email protected]

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  1. ROsalia

    Patanga, if I was in the area or you were in my area, I’d gladly take you. I hope you find a home soon!!!

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  2. Kylie T

    Hoping he finds a beautiful and forever home!

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  3. Anya

    Hi Patanga ! Hope you get a lovely home very soon , Love you Patanga.

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  4. Jann Jones

    That precious love is called a cow cat, because the markings look like Holstein cattle. Ive had two, a boy and a girl, bith such loving, sweet babies.. wish I could adopt two kittens now to love to bits..

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  5. cindi scholefield

    I hope he finds a home where he is appreciated, admired and loved to pieces.

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  6. Stephanie

    Give this baby a loving home have a heart

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    • Jann Jones

      Agreed!! But I think all critters deserve to be homed, and smothered with love. Rats and mice didnt start out nasty, they developed that way over years.

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  7. ChRis

    I would totally adopt this cat!! I canโ€™t afford to fly him to me but I would love to have him!

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  8. Hollie

    You are very cleaver and handsome Patanga and I wish you only the best.I hope that you find a wonderful and loving new home. I’m so glad that you were saved by SOI Dogs because they are such a wonderful organization. They do so much to help save so many needy and hurt animals. I donate there and I hope others look up their site and donate also.

    Thanks for sharing…I’m still smiling.

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  9. B. Maurene White

    Great job Patanga! You keep working on those gadgets! Hope you get a new home soon, someone is sure to be totally enchanted with those amazing golden eyes! Love to you for the rest of your life.

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  10. Eva Tervala

    Beautyful and intelligent little boy. I live far away in Finland ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฎ in Scandinavia. So happy, that you help also Cats in Thailand !!!
    Didn’t know, that ladyfreethinkers organisation protects you ? It means that you are honest.

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  11. Janice

    I wish I could give this kitty a forever home but I already have 2 rescued kitties! I hope he finds his forever home!! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜บโค๏ธ

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    • Jann Jones

      Janice, I have lost all of mine, the last one, mine from birth, lived with my sister, just passed 13 aug.. dont let ANYONE tell you death from a broken heart doesnt happen. My Joe died from one.. please love your babies extra for me..

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  12. Leanne

    I hope thisovable little boy finds his loving furever home.

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