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Haley Jones Glover

Haley Jones Glover graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.A. in English Literature in May of 2017. She is a passionate vegan, as well as an advocate for animals, people, and the planet. Haley is also a yoga instructor in Dallas, Texas. By writing and teaching yoga, Haley strives to bring more peace, love, and awareness to the world.

‘Hell’s Kitty’ Movie to Premiere at Chinese Theater in Hollywood to Benefit Cats

In a blend of horror and comedy, Hell’s Kitty, based on the original web series, tells the story of a man, Nick, and his cat named Angel whose inseparable bond leads the bloodthirsty feline into a spiral of possessiveness. This isn’t typical pet jealousy. Angel, who strays further and further from her namesake as the movie goes on, poses a deadly threat to Nick’s human companions as she resorts to gruesome strategies to maintain his affections. The film stars writer Nicholas Tana as Nick, and features appearances from legendary actors like Lee Meriwether (the original Catwoman), Dale Midkiff (Pet Sematary), Michael...

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Victory! USDA Rejects Cruel High-Speed Slaughter of Chickens

The National Chicken Council (NCC) recently presented the USDA with a new petition to legalize the cruel, reckless high-speed slaughter of poultry. As if the brutal process isn’t quick and profitable enough for Big Ag, with over 140 chickens murdered every minute, the NCC wants to increase the casualty rate permitted by law. With the massive number of live chickens hung upside down, dipped in electrified water, slit at the neck, and plunged into boiling water in a sixty second time span, many aren’t properly handled, resulting in botch chop jobs and sentient animals being boiled alive. Not only...

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Elephant Dies After Ingesting 9 Feet of Plastic Trash

On January 27, following the conclusion of the Makaravilakku festival at Sabarimala in India, an elephant was found dead from very unnatural causes. An autopsy revealed the cause of death of the 20-year old female was the ingestion of a large amount of plastic trash, which blocked her alimentary canal, leading to organ failure and internal bleeding. In 2016, following the death of a deer who ingested plastic, the high court imposed a complete plastic ban in Sabarimala, a Hindu pilgrimage center. The annual pilgrimage is one of the largest in the world, with over 45 million devotees making the trip each year —...

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Lady Freethinker is Helping Dogs and Cats Rescued from Slaughter in China

Imagine your cherished companion stolen from home, packed onto a cramped, filthy transport truck, and shipped to a slaughterhouse to be beaten, sliced open, and boiled alive. This is the reality for millions of cats and dogs in China. In 2016, a seeing eye dog was stolen from her owner while the two were on a walk. In December, eight gang members were arrested in the Anhui province of China for selling poison darts intended to capture, steal, and sell dogs for the dog meat trade. The gang had sold over 200,000 syringes. Just months ago, a man in Jiujiang...

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Dog Nearly Dies from Being Dyed Purple by Clueless Human

Pet makeovers can be adorable — sometimes. In the case of Violet, a 5 lb. white Maltese mix, the makeover she endured almost killed her. When Violet’s owners used human hair dye to color her purple, she suffered a horrible reaction that resulted in her being taken in to Pinellas County Animal Services in Florida. Her eyes had swollen shut, she had burnt skin, and she was lifeless. The staff didn’t think she’d make it, but they weren’t going to give up! They gave her fluids and pain medication, cleaned her off as best they could, and bandaged her...

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