VIDEO: Divers Swimming Through Ocean of Trash Reveal the Massive Extent of Our Plastic Waste Problem

Over 8.8 millions of plastic enter the ocean annually. The effects of this pollution aren’t always readily visible because ocean currents move the trash from one place to the next. But diver Rich Horner caught the effects of the pollution in the waters off Manta Point in Bali on a day when the debris was particularly thick.

At first, it’s difficult to distinguish between the trash and the wildlife in this video. However, as the viewer takes a closer look, it becomes apparent that the majority of the objects surrounding Horner are refuse – plastic bags, containers, bottles, and other debris.

The most compelling moment comes when a floating island of garbage appears above Horner as he descends deeper into the water. Meanwhile, pieces of trash continue to surround the diver.

It’s easy not to think about plastic pollution when we’re so rarely exposed to the harmful effects firsthand, but no form of life is unaffected. This video reminds us of how important it is for each person to take even the most seemingly small steps to reduce consumption and preserve our precious planet.

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  1. corek1

    I just can’t conceive how thoughtless & careless mankind is some people really think the world belongs to them & they can pretty much do anything they want. Lighten up folks remember karma is a bitch!! Take care Coreen

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  2. Leanne

    This video really puts the plastic problem into perspective. People we need to be more careful with what we consume and how we dispose of it. This will come back to bite us hard. πŸ±πŸπŸœπŸ›πŸ£πŸ«πŸ¬πŸΆπŸΎ

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  3. Karen LoGrasso

    Just who does this? If it’s not plastic it will be some other trash. What the matter with Humans anyway? Would they want their living space to look like this?

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  4. Charles

    I wonder if that comes from there, or it has drifted there, from other places. This may be a “catch all” for the ocean, where anything seems to go.

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  5. Mary connolly

    It has been reported most come via rivers in Africa and Asia. LIttle to no oversight or conservation policies there.

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  6. Barb G.

    Most of these countries have never had such a thing as a regular garbage pick up like the US has, all these countries have are dumps where the population goes to pick over what someone else has thrown out. You would be surprised how may people here in the US just walk along an toss plastic bags along with gum wrappers over their shoulder also toss trash out of their car windows.

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  7. Rebecca

    How distressing…it was once a beautiful place but that’s what’s happening all over the world. You might want to blame it strictly on the island inhabitants but there are human pigs that visit from other countries that contribute to the litter problem (and they probably do so in their own country but there’s someone to pick it up when they litter there).

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    Evidently it’s not enough we are ruining our air, water and climate. Now we are
    Guilty of murdering countless animals in the oceans! What have “humans” done??

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  9. Kylie T

    A very big problem, so much more needs to be done!

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  10. Lynn

    We are the problem. Unfortunately we have been, & always will be !! Selfish, greedy, thoughtless. We need to do more. Fortunately we do have caring, thoughtful people. So maybe we will do more, who the hell knows?

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