Over 8.8 millions of plastic enter the ocean annually. The effects of this pollution aren’t always readily visible because ocean currents move the trash from one place to the next. But diver Rich Horner caught the effects of the pollution in the waters off Manta Point in Bali on a day when the debris was particularly thick.

At first, it’s difficult to distinguish between the trash and the wildlife in this video. However, as the viewer takes a closer look, it becomes apparent that the majority of the objects surrounding Horner are refuse – plastic bags, containers, bottles, and other debris.

The most compelling moment comes when a floating island of garbage appears above Horner as he descends deeper into the water. Meanwhile, pieces of trash continue to surround the diver.

It’s easy not to think about plastic pollution when we’re so rarely exposed to the harmful effects firsthand, but no form of life is unaffected. This video reminds us of how important it is for each person to take even the most seemingly small steps to reduce consumption and preserve our precious planet.