The Laurel Police Department is one step closer to finding the suspect responsible for brutally killing 11 seagulls in Laurel, Md. after releasing photos that could help identify him.

The photos show a man drinking coffee inside a store, and the police reportedly believe he was driving a newer model Chevrolet Equinox with a roof rack and a Maryland license plate.

On January 4, the culprit purchased a bag of pre-popped popcorn from a Dollar Tree store, emptying the bag onto the parking lot’s surface to intentionally lure unsuspecting seagulls into a group. The disturbed individual subsequently mowed them down with his vehicle and fled the scene, leaving the seagulls crushed beyond recognition.

While the investigation continues, Lady Freethinker is urging local police, through a petition which has already garnered over 24,000 signatures, to use every resource available to find the person responsible for this heinous act. Thank you to everyone who has already signed.

To those who have not yet signed, please urge Laurel Chief of Police Russell Hamill to get to the bottom of this investigation. These 11 seagulls deserve justice, and the perpetrator must be prevented from harming or killing more innocent animals.

SIGN: Justice for Seagulls Lured with Popcorn And Brutally Run Over

Police are requesting the public’s assistance for any information related to this case. If you know the suspect or witnessed this incident, please call 301-498-0092 or email information to [email protected]