Stabatha, a stray cat that needed a little extra help finding her loving forever home, now has new caretakers thanks to a crowdfunding campaign that paid artists to help the feline find her perfect match.

Last week, after over two months in foster care, Stabatha was adopted by Mt. Laurel, Pa. resident Robert Roman and his family, who are prepared to provide her with ample affection and adequate care as she battles feline leukemia, which is unfortunately transmissible between cats. The Roman family’s home is an ideal fit for Stabatha because they have no other felines.

Kyle Cassidy, Stabatha’s foster dad, took her in after she repeatedly appeared at his friend’s West Philadelphia doorstep. Confident he could re-home Stabatha within three days, Cassidy hit an unexpected roadblock when an online naming contest and social media appeals failed to generate any adoption offers, despite Stabatha’s sweet nature.

Then, New Jersey-based artist Deanna Leist Aliano created a portrait of Stabatha, giving Cassidy the idea to start a fundraiser that would pay artists for their depictions of the cat, hoping to draw more attention to her need for a permanent home. The crowdfunding campaign yielded $1,108 in donations, which Cassidy used to give $50 grants to artists from all over the world in exchange for Stabatha’s portrait.

“It was all part of a not really elaborate plot to keep her on people’s minds and have a street team trying to find her a home,” Cassidy told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Now that Stabatha has found her forever family, Cassidy plans to put the $253 leftover from the fundraiser toward her medical expenses.

The Roman family may display some of Stabatha’s portraits throughout their home, but that isn’t their main priority.

“Right now, we’re just focused on making her feel welcome,” Robert said, “and getting to know her.”