An inspirational Golden Retriever named Chi Chi — a quadruple amputee saved from the dog meat trade in South Korea — has died after a year-long battle with cancer.

In 2016, rescuers found Chi Chi wrapped in a garbage bag and stuffed into a trash bin. Her legs were tightly tied with wire and her injuries severe. The dog meat butchers who captured her decided her meat was not valuable, so they threw her away to die. Veterinarians were forced to amputate all her limbs to save her life.

After seeing a video featuring Chi Chi, the Howell family in Arizona were moved to help. They adopted this special girl and dedicated the next few years to giving her all the love and support she needed.

In her short life, Chi Chi made a significant difference to others in her role as a therapy dog. With special prosthetics, she was able to have a relatively normal life, and her loving nature and heartwarming story inspired others going through difficult times. In 2018, American Humane awarded Chi Chi with the Hero Therapy Dog Award. This beautiful girl provided hope to many and had a considerable following on Facebook and Instagram.

Tragically, this special dog was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in March 2018. Specialists provided the best possible care, and Chi Chi was adored and pampered up until her last moments.

“Today is the day we’ve been dreading. Chi Chi passed away peacefully and surrounded by love. She was not in pain and did not suffer,” said the Howell family in a Facebook post. “We love her more than words can express. She changed our lives and positively impacted many people all over the world. We believe she will continue to inspire people for a long time to come.”

While Chi Chi was one of the lucky few dogs to survive the horrific dog meat industry in South Korea, hundreds of thousands more are suffering every day. Stolen from the streets, swiped from homes, or bred in inhumane dog meat farms, these animals are tortured right up until the moment of slaughter.

LFT are doing everything in our power to end this brutal industry throughout Asia. We have sponsored bus ads in South Korea, distributed petitions, and continue to seek ways to make a substantial difference.

Chi Chi was a miracle survivor who received the gift of a great life and loving family, but she should never have had to suffer to begin with. Sign our petition calling for a ban on dog and cat meat in South Korea.

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