Soon, the world will be watching as the Winter Olympics commence in PyeongChang, South Korea -- but away from the cameras' view, dogs and cats will be brutally slaughtered for meat. Ahead of the event, some dog meat markets have been shuttered to keep this cruel industry hidden from the eyes of tourists and media. But now is the time to do much more than that, and finally end the horrific dog and cat meat trade for good.

S. Korea is the only country in the world with large-scale, commercial dog meat farms. The animals live in deplorable conditions, and at slaughter are often hung, electrocuted and beaten just because people believe the torture makes the meat taste better.

S. Korea's current leader, President Moon Jae-In, has compassion for animals and has even adopted a dog rescued from the meat trade, named Tory. Furthermore, activists throughout S. Korea are calling for an end to dog and cat meat, which is not only horrifically cruel, but tarnishes their international reputation. Most S. Koreans are against dog meat, and want the cruelty to end.

Sign this petition to urge President Moon to take this time in the spotlight to show the world they are a great and compassionate nation -- and finally ban dog and cat meat in the country.

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