A controversial exhibitor who forces vulnerable capuchins to hang onto dogs running at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour in a cruel “monkey rodeo” had five additional violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act documented by inspectors this September.

Lady Freethinker recently reported on Tim Lepard, whose “Team Ghost Riders” performs at major and minor sports league events as well as community gatherings, as a major offender of animal welfare in our recent “Animal Attraction” report.

Since the publication of that report, inspectors have cited Lepard with five additional violations, including no acquisition records for 14 sheep, an inaccurate travel inventory, an incomplete program of veterinary care (including no schedule for parasite sampling or preventive care), incomplete medical records for four border collies, and fencing issues for a shelter housing two capuchin monkeys, according to the Sept. 14 inspection report.  

Those additional violations mean Lepard has had noncompliance with the minimum standards of animal care at 10 of his most recent 14 inspections — or 71 percent.

Inspectors documented 22 violations across those inspections — including 13 violations now from this year alone.  

In addition to the problems at the September inspection, Leopard had seven violations at an inspection in April, when inspectors noted he was giving his dogs expired heartworm medication and unapproved parasite control treatments, had no on-site veterinary visits for at least two years, and also that he had incomplete medical and acquisition records and missing key components in his written program of care — including requirements for an annual exam by a vet, a parasite treatment and sampling schedule and preventive care.

In January, inspectors attempted to conduct a site inspection but Lepard was not home — a recurring theme, according to public records documents.

As of September, Lepard had 20 animals: four dogs, 14 sheep, and two white-throated capuchin monkeys at the time of the inspection. 

We’ll keep advocating for proper treatment of these innocent animals.

We thank the more than 33,000 people who have signed our petition to raise awareness for these poor animals. If you haven’t already, please sign our petition urging the U.S. Department of Agriculture to vigilantly monitor this exhibitor and take appropriate enforcement action — including relocating the suffering animals to reputable sanctuaries.

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