Once starving and sick on the streets of Mexico, several dogs are now enjoying a second chance at life in safe new homes in New York — thanks to the efforts of Beach Dog Rescue of Costa Maya, Mexico and a rescue flight sponsored by Lady Freethinker.

Before being flown to safety, the dogs were brought to Beach Dog Rescue of Costa Maya, Mexico for immediate care. Some were suffering from heartworm, anemia, or other even fungal infections. They received veterinary care and love at the rescue before Beach Dog Rescue arranged for foster families in New York to take in the pups.

Lucia, one of the rescued dogs, has already found a forever home. This innocent pup was suffering from severe mange when she was brought to the rescue in Mexico. Most of her fur was missing. She was also missing a family.

After receiving medical care and attention from the rescue, Lucia was ready for her freedom flight to New York. Lucia’s foster family set up a meeting with potential adopters who fell in love with her immediately.

The sweet girl was just as quick to show how much love she had to give, according to her foster family. Lucia would reach her paw out to connect with her future guardians and appeared eager to share all her favorite new toys. They went on a walk together, and after running and playing together, Lucia was officially adopted.

Her new family took time off from work to give her all the attention and love she was craving.

Other dogs are now safely settled in foster homes — like Freya, the pup formerly known as Foquita. She is learning what it means to be cared for in a peaceful environment. Her foster family named her after a goddess and is looking for a family who will worship her like she deserves.

before and after images of Freya the dog transformed from sick to healthy in foster care

Left: Freya Before Rescue; Right: Freya in Her Foster Home (Courtesy of Beach Dog Rescue)

Every dog deserves to be safe and loved.

Starving, sick, and homeless dogs in Mexico have been finding refuge with Beach Dog Rescue of Costa Maya, Mexico for years — and Lady Freethinker has been helping to sponsor the rescue work thanks to our generous supporters.

Lady Freethinker celebrates Beach Dog Rescue’s commitment to saving the lives of innocent dogs from the streets of Mexico and all of our supporters who made the rescue flight possible.