A sweet dog who was brutally abused in Mexico has learned how to trust again and now is available for adoption and a special, loving forever home — thanks to the efforts of nonprofit Beach Dog Rescue of Costa Maya.

When the nonprofit heard about the black and white female dog in need of serious help, Founder Heather Johnson was sickened and outraged by her sad story.

“Several months ago, a drunk man was caught violating her in a vacant lot,” Johnson told Lady Freethinker (LFT). “He was arrested and the state filed a complaint. Local rescuers in Chetumal rallied around Angel to get her into a foster home.”

Johnson’s nonprofit helps homeless, abused, sick, and abandoned dogs in Costa Maya, Mexico — and she wanted one of those dogs to be Angel.

“When I read about Angel, my insides felt like they caught on fire,” Johnson said. “She was all I could think about, and I knew the moment I read her story that she would come live with me.”

Angel is now enjoying quiet days at the rescue, where she lives with four other dogs — including Lolo, who is now her best friend, Johnson said.  

Although Angel has largely learned to trust again, she doesn’t like to be hugged or confined, and she sometimes challenges some of the rescue’s stronger dogs.

“There are beautiful days when all is peaceful and not so great days when she is quick to anger,” Johnson said. “I love her on all the days.”

Angel and Johnson

Angel (Courtesy of Beach Dog Rescue)

Angel’s favorite passion is sunning herself outside on rocks, Johnson added.

“I wish I could wipe away her past and give her all the things she never had, but instead I focus on the dog she is right now,” Johnson said. “Every day, I tell her she is wonderful.”

Since its founding in 2019, Beach Dog Rescue has sterilized more than 3,000 dogs, adopted out more than 200 dogs, and helped many more dogs through preventative treatments.

Last year, LFT awarded a grant to Beach Dog Rescue through our Urgent Need Fund program, which helped the dedicated rescue make healing journeys like Angel’s possible. The grant helped cover rescue expenses, food, medicine, sterilization, and vet care.  This nonprofit is continuing to do amazing work for animals, and Lady Freethinker is proud to continue supporting their life-saving, compassionate actions!

Those interested in adopting Angel or learning more about Beach Dog Rescue can visit the rescue’s website here. Meanwhile, here are the stories of some of the other dogs that Beach Dog Rescue and their rescue partner are working to help!


Manchas, a pregnant companion animal, reportedly waited for weeks for her family, who left the area but didn’t take her. Beach Dog stepped in and reported that Manchas is “super happy today.”


Manchas, before and after (Courtesy of Beach Dog Rescue)

Luz, a former street dog who was struggling to survive on food scraps, is now “a beautiful black panther,” the rescue said.


Luz, before and after (Courtesy of Beach Dog Rescue)

Luca, who started as a “very sad boy” abandoned in a garbage-filled lot, is “all smiles now,” Johnson said.


Luca, before and after (Courtesy of Beach Dog Rescue)

Zazzy, who arrived with an eye injury — likely from an intentional machete attack, Johnson said — is now safe, fed, and loved at the rescue.


Zazzy, before and after (Courtesy of Beach Dog Rescue)

Damon came to Beach Dog Rescue full of mange, while a malnourished Kanga had a Transmissible Venereal Tumor (a kind of cancer) and ticks.


Damon, before and after (Courtesy of Beach Dog Rescue)

Both have recovered today.


Kanga, before and after (Courtesy of Beach Dog Rescue)