While experts scrutinize live animal markets for their link to zoonotic disease amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the cruel dog and cat meat trade is experiencing a paradoxical uptick in Cambodia and Vietnam due to the woefully misguided belief that the meat of these poor animals contains anti-viral properties.

Four Paws International revealed that business is booming for Cambodia and Vietnam dog and cat meat vendors, who are still open and advertising their takeout services during the COVID-19 crisis.

“This is concerning because we had never seen dog and cat meat dishes being advertised on a food delivery app before the COVID-19 outbreak,” veterinarian Dr. Katherine Polak told the Independent. “It demonstrates that the dog meat industry is adapting to the increased consumption at home and increased ease of obtaining dog and cat meat, even during a lockdown.”

The barbaric cat and dog meat trade has steadily grown in Cambodia over the last few years, and the current rise in popularity is due to the alleged health benefits these meats possess. Doctors are even encouraging patients to eat dogs and cats. There is, however, no scientific credibility to the assertion that cat or dog meat helps fight against coronaviruses.

In an effort to discourage people from killing or abandoning their pets, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced earlier this year that there is no evidence linking companion animals to the spread of coronavirus. Some people mistakenly thought this announcement meant dog and cat meat is safe to eat, and it could’ve prompted the Cambodian government to maintain its historically lax approach to the industry, the Independent reported.

The dog and cat meat industry engages in horrific animal cruelty and encourages the spread of deadly zoonotic diseases. It is time to stop this abhorrent trade. If you haven’t already, please sign LFT’s petition urging the US Government to pass a resolution to end dog and cat meat across the globe.

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