A Siberian husky who went missing in Beer Sheva, Israel, was found by police in the town of Tel Sheva and identified as the correct dog after his guardian requested they play a tune from two of the dog’s favorite television shows.

A group of teenagers spotted a malnourished, frightened husky matching the missing dog’s description in a field, nearly six miles from his home. Upon arrival to the scene, police contacted the worried owner and invited him to come and see if this was indeed his lost pup. In a cute twist, the dog’s guardian suggested that they play either the soundtrack from popular Israeli comedy series “Shemesh,” or the Canadian/American show “Arthur.”

Although bemused, the police complied. After playing a few other tunes first to test the dog’s reaction, they then put on one of the songs his owner had specified. With cameras rolling, the rescue team captured the special moment that the dejected husky’s ears pricked up, he lifted his head and began to howl along to his favorite tune.

Following this unmistakable reaction from the husky, the relieved guardian rushed to collect his friend, and the emotional reunion between one very happy dog and his carer was caught on video.

“I cried the whole way here,” said the grateful man. “You poor thing. Thank you, thank you so much.”

Huskies are well known for their penchant for “singing” along to music, being a very vocal breed. In this case, it helped reunite two best mates in the most special way.