VIDEO: Husky Chooses New Best Friend At the Shelter – And It’s a Cat!

Raven the husky used to be the lone animal in the house — so his human, Christina, took him to the shelter to pick out a new best friend.

The catch? Christina was looking for a cat, because her lifelong dream was to have a dog and cat happily grow up together.

Christina got her wish when little Woodhouse the kitten went right up to Raven. And today, the two are inseparable.

Thank you, Christina, for saving a shelter cat and proving that these two species can, in fact, grow up together as best friends.

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  1. Barry J. Goian Esq.

    Yes it’s beautiful. We (my wife and I) have a pack of little dogs –5) and a brood of cats — 4) and they’ve all had their disagreements over the years (but so do I and the wife??) but they get along, share furnishings, share the water bowls, and even get protection while outside by one of the bigger dogs (still little in Dog scales but big brother to a cat) against any other interloapers. It’s one big — happy??!!;-) family.

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    • Emma

      There’s nothing like s house full of pets.

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  2. cindi scholefield

    What a lovely couple. I wish them many years of happiness together.

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  3. Terry

    NOW THAT is life, just as it should be!! This is GREAT, isn’t it? Bravo!!!! I am so glad that these two found each other!

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  4. phyllis

    This story is really the ‘cats meow’. Its the little things like this that remind us that somewhere it truly is a beautiful world. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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    I just loved that little story about the Husky and the cat!

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  6. Karyn Graham

    How sweet is this? We can learn a lot from animals.

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  7. Leanne

    What a beautiful story of friendship. Wr coukd learn a lot from them. Such a joy to read after the above mentioned story. ????????????????

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    Pourquoi chien et chat ne s’entendraient-ils pas ? Ils sont merveilleux et touchant d’amour tous les deux !

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