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Brilliant! These New Purses are Made from Recycled Plastic

The brand-new startup company Hamilton Perkins Collection is debuting with a line of purses and luggage made from an unusual source. You’d never know it by looking at them, but these bags are manufactured from plastic bottles and used vinyl, straight from the landfill. These otherwise wasted materials that would be further harming the environment are now repurposed as key components in this line of stylish new bags. Behind this idea is Hamilton Perkins (30), designer and CEO of the company he is now forming through crowdfunding efforts and media press. According to Perkins in an interview by TakePart, the idea for recycled...

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Luxembourg May Soon Have World’s Strongest Animal Rights Law – But Farm Animals Still Lose Out

Animals will be considered “living non-human sentient beings with a nervous system scientifically capable of feeling pain and experiencing other emotions” like “suffering and anguish.” In a move beyond any other country in the world, Luxembourg has put forth a bill that would offer the most far reaching recognition of rights and protections of animals yet seen on a national level. The bill will go to Luxembourg’s parliament and, if it passes, will recognize animals as “living non-human sentient beings with a nervous system scientifically capable of feeling pain and experiencing other emotions” like “suffering and anguish,” and create...

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Pit Bull Sees Reflection for First Time Ever, Just HAS to Sing About It

Lola the pit bull puppy got a glimpse of her own reflection for the first time ever — and the adorable dog was so excited about the view, she broke out into song. And while Lola may not be nominated for a Grammy anytime soon, her enthusiasm is utterly infectious. The cooing, barking and warbling take on a surprisingly melodic tone, as you can see in the video below. Does Lola know that it’s her own pretty mug in the bathroom mirror? Or does she think it’s another pit bull pup, who oddly has no scent? According to National Geographic, dogs are highly...

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Meet the Adoptable Dogs Saved from a Dog Meat Farm in South Korea

Have you been thinking about adopting a dog? Well, how about adopting a dog that was destined to end up on a dinner plate? Saved from a dog meat farm in South Korea, waiting out their days to become someone’s meal, 250 dogs are finding new homes in states across the U.S. — and you could be the one to provide that new life. Earlier this month, Lady Freethinker reported on the incredible rescue of these dogs by Humane Society International (HSI). We reached out to HSI to find out more about the rescue and how the dogs were doing...

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Amazing Animal Rescue: Goat Dangles by His Horns from Power Line (Video)

In one of the most amazing animal rescues I’ve seen in a long time, this goat was dangling precariously from a power line by his horns, with seemingly no hope of escape. Luckily for the stranded animal, a group of men appeared on the scene to bring him down. This was no easy rescue – the men first had to use an extended ladder to “scoot” the goat further up the line, where he would be closer to the hilltop (and solid ground). Then they were able to get a rope around the goat and pull him close enough to...

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Armani to Stop Selling Fur

Georgio Armani announced today that the designer brand is going fur-free, and will stop selling fur products in the fall/winter season of 2016. On the company’s website, Georgio Armani issued a statement in conjunction with the Fur Free Alliance. Mr. Armani wrote: “I am pleased to announce that the Armani Group has made a firm commitment to abolish the use of animal fur in its collections. Technological progress made over the years allows us to have valid alternatives at our disposal that render the use of cruel practices unnecessary as regards animals. Pursuing the positive process undertaken long ago,...

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Refugee Woman Wins Global Teacher Prize of $1 Million

Palestinian elementary teacher Hanan Al Hroub was awarded the Global Teacher Prize of one million dollars for her outstanding contribution as a teacher. "We can change the world" 2016 Global Teacher Prize winner @hanan_hroub #TeachersMatter — Global Teacher Prize (@TeacherPrize) March 13, 2016 Hroub grew up in a Palestinian refugee camp and is now a teacher of refugees herself, specializing in supporting children who have been traumatized by violence. She was motivated to become a teacher after her children witnessed a relative being shot, and their father seriously injured on a walk home from school. “It transformed my...

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4-Leg Amputee Rescued from Korean Dog Meat Trade Still Has Joy for Life

It wasn’t your usual roadside litter– this black plastic garbage bag was moving. Inside, a golden retriever who was on her way to a South Korean dog meat market struggled to stay alive. Each of her four legs were bound with wire and mangled as a result of being tied and hung upside down. Rescued by ARME (Animal, Rescue, Media, and Education), emergency treatment saved her life but not her legs, so badly infected they had to be amputated. Though she woke up without her legs, a video shows how she still wiggled with happiness and to get closer to people who were...

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