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Tiny Shih Tzu Rescued from Puppy Mill Makes Stunning Recovery from Near Death (Video)

When Max was rescued from a brutal puppy mill, the tiny shih tzu had been badly neglected, and suffered from sarcoptic mange, an eye ulcer, anemia, malnutrition and dehydration. Scabs covered his entire body. But luckily, Max is one tough puppy —  with the help of the amazing “Dr. Matt,” he managed to overcome his painful, debilitating ailments and grow into a healthy, happy dog. You can watch the amazing transformation in the video below. As you can see, Max’s brother did not make it. And, according to Vet Ranch, his sister had died the night before the two...

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Video: Animals Daringly Rescuing Other Animals

We’ve all heard stories of daring dogs saving drowning children, or protecting their human companions from burglary. Well this video from The Dodo shows that animals of all sorts will reach out to save another animal — sometimes even when it’s not their own species. The altruism is nothing short of...

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See What Happens When you Give 100 Homeless People Disposable Cameras

London-based art group Cafe Art gave 100 homeless people disposable cameras, and asked for photos to enter into their annual calendar contest. The results are spectacular. Of the 2,500 photos submitted, 20 were chosen for the 2016 calendar, which is available for purchase on the group’s Kickstarter page. Funds go directly back into the project, which aims to help people recover from the trauma of homelessness by gifting them with the opportunity to express themselves artistically. Here are some of the winning images: Calendar cover by ROL   JUNE 2016: Colour Festival, Olympic Park, by Goska Calik   FEBRUARY 2016: Everything I...

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Meet the Cow Who Broke Out of the Slaughterhouse and Found Freedom

New Vision A young cow which fled an abattoir to avoid being slaughtered has been saved by well-wishers, a French animal rights group announced on Saturday. The heifer made a last-ditch effort to save her life at an abattoir near Ambert, southeastern France, on June 30. The desperate animal rampaged through the building and got outside, taking refuge in the grounds of a nearby hospital. She was tranquilised with a dart gun — a move that gave her a stay of execution because the drug made her meat unfit for consumption. Dubbed “Cornette” (Little Horn) and “The Cow Which...

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Reason to Celebrate: The Humpback Whale is Making a Comeback

NewsRX Health & Science Oxford, Australia has one of the highest rates of animal species that face extinction, decline or negative impacts from human behavior in the world. However, over the last decade, there have been rare occurrences of animals that are rebounding and thriving. One example is the conservation success story of the recovery of the humpback whales that breed in both East and West Australian waters. This new study, published in Marine Policy and led by Dr. Michelle Bejder, reviews data collected in past studies and proposes a revision of the conservation status for the humpback whales...

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Video: Lego-Style Houses May be The Answer to Disaster Aid

Rubble, made into liquid concrete, made into Lego-style blocks? Brilliant. This video from the Mobile Factory shows just how smart disaster aid can be. Whether it’s a war zone or a hurricane-ravaged shore, building new homes is a cinch with this system. The group is in Haiti now, but look for them soon around the...

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