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The Jaw-Dropping Flying Snake – Video

If you have a fear of snakes, you might want to close your eyes. This video of a flying snake  (technically a gliding snake) shows the elegant serpent soaring through the air from heights that would probably kill you or me. The snake seems to fall in the beginning, but then moves nearly horizontally through space. I had to look up the flying snake after watching this video, and I learned that they can actually make turns in the air just by undulating their bodies. National Geographic also says that they’re even better at gliding than the flying squirrel. I...

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Animals in Danger of Extinction This Decade

As humans binge on natural resources and pollute the land and water, we leave in our wake thousands of animals in danger of extinction. Some animal populations have dwindled so low that they may be gone within the next decade. I found most of the animals below from a recent list posted by Scientific American. Some of the creatures are cute, others are exotic and a few are just plain strange. But all of them contribute to the diversity of the planet — and a diverse Earth makes a healthier home for all of us. Pied Tamarin With soulful eyes and a...

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Will SeaWorld San Diego Finally Free Shamu?

The orca show may be a hit with tourists, but SeaWorld San Diego may soon need to free Shamu from life in a watery cell. California Assemblyman Richard Bloom wants to ban keeping killer whales in captivity for entertainment — and if he succeeds, the Shamu spectacle is one show that will not go on. I sure love my state sometimes. Bloom got a wake-up call after watching the movie “Blackfish,” which probes into the psychology of orcas like Tilikum, who killed a trainer at SeaWorld Orlando in 2010. Despite the sinister name, killer whales don’t usually hurt people...

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Big Cats Playing with Boxes – Video

Whenever I get a package from Amazon, my cats jump into the cardboard box as soon as I empty the contents and lay it down on the floor for them. As it turns out, fiercer cats have similar instincts, as you can see from this very entertaining video of big cats playing with boxes. Watching a lion or panther jump inside (and maul) a cardboard box is something I could watch for hours. Some of these cats are pretty exotic. Bonus points for anyone who can name all of the animals in the video. photo credit: Tambako the...

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Stop the Slaughter of Stray Dogs in Sochi for the Olympics

The Russian government is systematically killing stray dogs in Sochi so they’ll be “cleared” for the Olympics.  Animal-rights workers are pushing to place homeless dogs in shelters, but local authorities have hired a pest extermination company to slaughter these creatures. “We were told, ‘Either you take all the dogs from the Olympic Village or we will shoot them,’ ” said rescue coordinator Olga Melnikova in an interview with the New York Times. “On Monday we were told we have until Thursday.” This video shows what rescue workers are doing to help these poor animals: Rescue efforts or not, the local government has already arranged for countless dog killings. Dogs are being shot with poison darts and then shoved into trucks, according to reports from Sochi residents. The poison causes the dogs to suffocate in a slow, torturous death. Sochi resident Yulia Krasova saw the poison in action. She told CNN. “At first I thought someone beat the dog. The dog jumped up and started running around in circles. Then she fell down and started spitting up … I called the veterinarian. He said there is a 100% guarantee the dog was poisoned.” Leshchenko said that the cruel “clean-up” started back in October, and that exterminators have been killing 300 dogs a month for the price tag of $25 to $35 per dog. How to Help Save the Dogs Sochi is far away from most of us, but...

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How to Celebrate Superb Owl Sunday (Memes Included)

If you’ve been following the Colbert Report or keeping up with memes, you already know that Suberb Owl Sunday is the real “big game” this year. So why not support our wise feathered friends and celebrate the owl along with your favorite team (or just the owl, if football’s not your thing)? Hey, one team in Super Bowl 2014 is even named after the sea hawk — also a large, predatory bird. Must be a sign. Adopt an owl. With a $25 donation to the World Wildlife Fund, you’ll get a snowy-owl adoption certificate and photo. Donate $50, and you’ll...

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You’ve Been Wrong about Protein All Along, and It Could be Hurting Your Health

Forget what you think you know about protein and health. Despite the raging success of the Paleo Diet, Atkins and other high-protein plans, most Americans are very wrong about how much protein they should eat, where it should come from and the safety of eating large amounts. The truth, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is that most of us in the United States get more protein than our bodies need. And far too much of that protein comes from animal sources like meat and dairy. High-Protein Dangers Only 10 to 35 percent of your calories...

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These Are The Happiest Cows You’ve Ever Seen (Video)

The video below shows the happiest cows I’ve ever seen, and with very good reason. They were once dairy cows, but grew past their milking prime — and the farmer could no longer afford to keep them. They were scheduled to be slaughtered, and then something amazing happened to save their lives. Watch as the cows prance around the pasture like playful puppies. If you still eat meat, you may want to rethink your hamburger habit after seeing these gentle, intelligent and exuberant creatures. They have a lust for life that I would never want to take away. A heartfelt...

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