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Paralyzed Dog Left Outside Shelter with Desperate Note

Workers at the Tampa Bay Humane Society were surprised and saddened to show up at the shelter on Tuesday morning and find a dog in a crate left on their doorstep. The most heartbreaking part? The paralyzed dog came with a desperate note from her owner: “Please help my Genie. Genie (her name) is paralyzed from I believe her hips to her hind legs. I tried to manage her pain with medication from her vet but they only ease her pain and she needs surgery. I cannot afford so I ask that the Animal Health Center heal her and find her a loving forever home. Thank you.” The shelter posted the note, along with an image of Genie, on their Facebook page just after 7am Eastern time. They promised to do their best to make Genie well again, to help her emotionally  and to find her a new home. Some commenters wondered why the owner hadn’t approached the shelter for help in person, so the dog would not have be separated from a seemingly caring home. It’s unclear if the shelter would have offered help had they done so, but thankfully shelter staff is willing to tend to Genie any way they can right now....

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Trump’s Sons Paid a Fortune To Slaughter Endangered Animals Why? Because Privilege.

We’ve heard a lot during this election season about privilege. What it means, who has it, and who pretends not to. Turns out privilege means “A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group.” For the Trump family, it also means paying exorbitant fees to slaughter exotic and critically endangered animals. Why? Because they can, of course. Just five years ago, Trump’s sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, visited Zimbabwe on a big game hunting expedition with Hunting Legends International, the safari-cum-hunting outfit that specializes in extravagant hunting experiences for the wealthy and promises both an...

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Loyal Dog Waits Outside Dead Owners House for Five Years

Neighbors report that a dog whose owner died five years ago continues to wait outside the property every day, faithfully guarding his deceased companion’s home. Nobody in the small village of Malu Mare, Romania knows the heartbroken animal’s name, nor much about his owner. However, they see the loyal dog sitting in front of the gate day after day, blocking anyone from trespassing. “The dog is not aggressive, but won’t let anyone in, he just guards the property,” said Alexandru Dicu, the village mayor. “The dog is waiting for his master. He looks sad.” Villagers have provided the dog...

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New “Swim with Dolphins” Park in the Desert is a Half-Baked Plan

A brand new Swim with the Dolphins (SWTD) park is being built in Arizona.  According to their site, Mexico-based Dolphinaris is developing the “next generation” of dolphin experiences. What does this mean? Profits. Their main site, littered with blatant ads selling the dolphins as products, makes it clear that the beneficial experience belongs to Dolphinaris. These beautiful, intelligent beings are used to sell everything from all-inclusive trips, tours, photos and undoubtedly dolphin imaged trinkets while on-site.  A live chat box immediately offers a 50% savings on dolphin programs hinting at the company’s true feelings and intentions about the dolphin’s...

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Monkeys Stuffed into Car Trunk, Smuggled Across Cambodia Border

Authorities have rescued dozens of monkeys from a smuggler’s car in Cambodia. In total, 43 wild monkeys were found tied up in sacks in the back of the car.  Officials have said that the animals were being smuggled across the Cambodian border to be sold in Vietnam, which, sadly, is a common practice these days. Vietnam has emerged as a hub for wildlife trafficking, with monkeys and other exotic animals commanding high prices on the black market. Luckily, these animals are safe — but the smuggler fled on foot, and has not been found. The monkeys were most likely going...

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13 Facts About Animal Abuse in the Circus

Ringling Brothers Circus is finally closed — an achievement animal welfare groups have been working on for decades. Unfortunately, this is a small step in solving the problem of animal abuse in the circus. Cruelty is rampant, from violent “training” methods to life in chains, and the animals must perform demeaning acts that they would never do in nature. Tigers are forced to jump through rings of fire, and elephants are forced to stand on their heads. While elephants tend to get the most attention, all animals must be protected from the physically and emotionally wretched “life” of the circus. Here are...

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Fox News Attacks Animal Rights Advocates in Biased, Fearmongering ‘News’ Article

In a fear-inducing and wildly exaggerated article — even for Fox News standards — the media company published an attack on animal rights groups, characterizing them as aggressive, irrational extremists and ignoring the varied nature and scope of such groups as well as the nuanced existences and vulnerabilities of animals. Referencing SeaWorld’s recent move to end orca performances and breeding programs, Fox frames the article as a warning, leading with, “Fresh off a victory over SeaWorld and its controversial orca program, animal rights groups are zeroing in on zoos, aquariums and circuses — and one prominent expert warns your dog and...

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Take Me With You! The Safest Way to Travel with Pets

You hate leaving your beloved pets at home. You miss them, you worry about them, and the guilt is overwhelming. Eliminate the trauma for you and your furry, feathered, or finned family members by bringing them along. Whether you’re going on vacation or need to pack up your pets for a move, learning the safest way to transport animals will ease the stress for both of you. One tip is universal for all animals: never leave them alone in the car. This goes double in extreme heat or cold — but even in fair weather you expose them to thieves and...

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