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Cow who Escapes Slaughterhouse, Wanders NYC is now Settling in at Rescue Sanctuary

Scheduled for slaughter, a cow escaped from the Jamaica Archer Live Poultry and Meat Market (yes, there are slaughterhouses in New York City) and found its way to the streets of Queens, New York Thursday. A video captured the bovine attracting much attention in the neighborhood while trying to run for his life. The NYPD Emergency Unit was dispatched, called for backup (in this case officers mounted on horses) and eventually cornered, tied, and pulled the cow into a livestock trailer. Despite the rescue, the cow was still scheduled for slaughter the next day. Rescue finally came by Skylands Animal Sanctuary &...

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Activists Save Thousands of Stolen Cats from being Sold as Rabbit Meat and Pork in Chinese Restaurants

A truck containing roughly 2,000 cats was intercepted by animal rights activists in China’s Jiangsu province, and stopped from reaching its alleged destination of Guangxi province, where the cats were to be sold for meat. According to People’s Daily Online, the animals were meant to be sold “under the table,” and their flesh would be presented as rabbit meat or pork to consumers. While there are no laws in China that specifically address killing cats, dogs or other household animals for food, there is no commercial certification available for the slaughterhouses that kill them — so they are unable to operate legally....

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‘Mummy’ Orangutan Baby Found in Cardboard Box Has A New Best Friend

Gito the baby orangutan was near death when rescuers found him abandoned in a cardboard box, left to die. Helplessly exposed to the sun in the rainforests of West Borneo, Gito’s skin was grey and flaking, giving him the appearance of a mummy. Gito’s mother had been killed by poachers, and at 5 months old the baby orangutan had been bought for a pet by a village leader who reportedly paid less than $30 for the animal. Fortunately for Gito, he was found in his would-be cardboard coffin by International Animal Rescue, which took him in. According to the IAR...

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Las Vegas Bans Sale of Animals From Puppy Mills

Las Vegas has joined the growing number of United States towns banning the sale of animals from “puppy mills.” Existing pet stores have two years to phase out puppy mill puppies and to begin selling animals from shelters, rescue organizations, or humane societies instead. Puppy mills are large, inhumane, commercial breeding operations where animals are kept in small, stacked cages and often live in filth and excrement. They are denied medical care and sometimes have no water or food. These poor animals never experience affection or a romp outside (or inside). Puppy mill animals aren’t able to play or socialize with...

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“Smurf” the Rescued Kitten Was Dyed Purple and Used as A Chew Toy for Dogfight Training

Purple fur, purple heart. After being dyed purple and used as a chew toy for larger animals, an eight-week old kitten was brought to a San Jose area animal shelter. The kitten, who suffered multiple injuries and weighed less than two pounds, is now on the road to recovery. Nicknamed “Smurf” the for his blue-purple hue, the underweight and mutilated cat was found in a cardboard box on the side of the road. He was taken to San Jose Animal Care Center and transported to Nine Lives Foundation, a no-kill shelter and adoption center for cats and kittens. Smurf...

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What to Do if You See Animal Abuse

CLICK HERE FOR AMAZING ANIMAL RESCUE STORIES We have a social responsibility to take care of each other, and that includes animals. Because our furry, feathered and scaly friends can’t protect themselves from abuse by humans, it is our job to act as protectors and stop animal cruelty whenever we see it. Animal cruelty happens when someone endangers the life and/or well being of an animal; this may include violence, neglect or abandonment, and applies to all animals whether they are in a home, zoo, farm or the wild. Dealing with Unintentional Animal Cruelty Sometimes, people may not be aware of...

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The 10 Most Heart-Melting Animal Rescues of 2015

Animals have the power to inspire, amaze, and move us. All too often they suffer because of human actions. But the more we know and share with others, the more we can help. As we enter the new year, let’s look back on some of the most heartwarming animal rescues of 2015. Number 10 is my favorite! 1. Holly the dancing bear. Fifteen years of torture and exploitation, forced to dance with a rope strung through a hole in her snout, Holly now lives in a bear sanctuary in India. 2. One ‘Lucky’ elephant. Malnourished and dehydrated, Lucky the elephant was rescued by Wildlife Friends...

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Rescued! Dancing Bear Has a New Life, Free From Torture and Exploitation

For fifteen years Holly the sloth bear was forced to dance for tourists. Forced by a handler that strung a rope through a hole punctured through her muzzle with a hot poker. Forced into submission and misery by the fact that her teeth were knocked out with a hammer, leaving sores and infection in her mouth. Tourists may have found this amusing for a few minutes, but Holly had to suffer long years until help arrived. Though the forests of Southeast Asia are quickly dwindling, the sloth bear somehow finds a way to survive. Holly’s mother was not one of...

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