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VIDEO: Divers Swimming Through Ocean of Trash Reveal the Massive Extent of Our Plastic Waste Problem

Over 8.8 millions of plastic enter the ocean annually. The effects of this pollution aren’t always readily visible because ocean currents move the trash from one place to the next. But diver Rich Horner caught the effects of the pollution in the waters off Manta Point in Bali on a day when the debris was particularly thick. At first, it’s difficult to distinguish between the trash and the wildlife in this video. However, as the viewer takes a closer look, it becomes apparent that the majority of the objects surrounding Horner are refuse – plastic bags, containers, bottles, and...

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VIDEO: Blind Elephant Rescued from Cruel Tourist Industry Gets the Warmest Welcome from Her New Herd

Meet Ploy Tong, a blind elephant who was brought to Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand after being rescued from the trekking industry. Before her rescue, Ploy Tong was forced to carry tourists on her back daily from dawn until dusk. Upon her arrival to the park, Ploy Tong sent out her low vibrations to make the other elephants aware of her presence. While elephants typically take some time to warm up to one another, Ploy Tong sought friendship right away (most likely due to her blindness). The family of Faa Mai, another elephant who lives at the park,...

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VIDEO: In Memory of Lakhi, Beloved Rescue Elephant Once Blinded and Forced to Beg on the Streets

In 2015, 60-year-old Lakhi the elephant was rescued from cruel owners who’d blinded her and subjected her to decades of abuse as a begging elephant. Lakhi was taken to Wildlife SOS in Mathura, India, to live out her remaining days in comfort and peace. After a few months of TLC from her rescuers, the initially apprehensive elephant warmed up to her new environment. Lakhi was accepted into a herd and loved playing in the pool and scratching against trees. Elephants that are older when they’re rescued tend to suffer numerous health problems caused by decades of captivity are difficult...

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VIDEO: Meet The Doctor Who Saves Children by Day, Treats Abused Dogs by Night

Dr. Tara Harris leads a busy life of helping others. By day, she’s a¬†pediatrician¬†who specializes in treating young victims of sexual abuse. When she’s not at her day job, she runs Every Dog Counts, a rescue organization she started in 2010. Every Dog Counts helps the most vulnerable dogs, including those that are elderly, disabled, or recovering from abuse. At the end of January, Every Dog Counts rescued a puppy who’d suffered horrific abuse at the cruel hands of her owner’s boyfriend. The puppy, named Halsey, had skull fractures, a broken jaw, broken ribs, and a broken forearm. Dr....

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VIDEO: ‘Forever Tiny’ Rescue Kitten Finds the Perfect Home

A few months ago, a vet nurse and pet fosterer named Jessie took in a pair of feline siblings from The Kitten Inn in New Zealand. She noticed that although the six-week-old kittens came from the same litter, the male was about two-thirds the size of his sister. Widdle, as he came to be named, was the size of a four-week-old kitten. Jessie quickly discovered that the tiny kitten has an enormous heart. Widdle took to Jessie immediately, and her shoulder soon became his favorite perch. He accompanies her to work almost daily, where he also makes himself comfortable...

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