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With This New Site, Going Plant-Based Is Easy As Vegan Pot Pie

A new website called The Green Plate, launched by Mercy for Animals late last month, aims to make plant-based eating easier than ever before. The comprehensive guide to living a vegan lifestyle boasts a customized meal planner, an abundance of recipes — including scrumptious vegan pancakes, pastas and pies — food coaches, and a community Facebook group for encouragement and helpful tips and tricks. The Green Plate also publishes regular blog posts about plant-based eating, offering readers a wealth of information about nutrition and the best practices for maintaining a healthy vegan diet without having to compromise on taste, cost, or...

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Visually-Impaired Staff Members Ensure Vegan Bakery Flourishes

Carina’s Bakery in Beaverton, Oregon, is gearing up for its grand opening later this month. Unlike most brand-new businesses, this unusual bakery is already up and running successfully, thanks to its founder Carina Comer and her staff members, all of whom are visually impaired. Carina, who is legally blind, has always had a passion for baking. She wanted to open a business that achieved two goals: to showcase the flavors of treats from her Scandinavian heritage, and provided a safe accessible workplace for people with disabilities. Carina and her employees run the bakery with the assistance of adaptive devices,...

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Victory! Dog Vs. Boar Fights Outlawed in Indonesia

Indonesian government officials recently banned deadly fights between domesticated dogs and wild boars. This declaration comes just two weeks after the Scorpion Foundation, a wildlife trade monitoring group, publicly released video footage of the vicious events. The Scorpion Foundation partnered with Animals Asia and the Change for Animals Foundation to expose the cruelty happening regularly in Indonesia. LadyFreethinker also created a petition that garnered over 15,000 signatures to encourage the Indonesian government to make the fights illegal. Dog and boar fights, also referred to as “adu bagong,” are a longstanding tradition in various regions in the district of West...

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Starving Venezuelans Resort to Eating Zoo Animals

When employees at a metropolitan zoo in  Maracaibo, Venezuela arrived for their shift one morning in early August, they were faced with the frightening reality that someone had broken in over the night. The enclosures of several wild pigs and a buffalo were filled with little more than bones, and an examination of the carcasses revealed that they had been mutilated by humans. A similar occurrence was reported at a zoo in the Caricuao district in west Caracas. A horse was found dismembered, and only the inedible portions of the animal remained. Officials at both zoos speculate that the perpetrators, who...

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Puppy Breeder who Beat Dogs with Sticks Gets Lifetime Ban on Owning Animals

On Wednesday, Oct. 25th, puppy breeder Christopher Gorman of North Lanarkshire, Scotland was found guilty of abusing 11 dogs and killing two. He has now been issued a lifelong ban on owning animals of any kind, and ordered to pay a £2,600 (approximately $3,000) fine. Gorman, an unlicensed pet shop owner, was caught on film in June 2016 by at least one witness and an undercover Scottish SPCA Inspector. Gorman, 54, kept 11 mastiffs confined to his tiny backgarden in squalid conditions, often without adequate access to food, water, and shelter. Shocking footage shows Gorman lunging violently at the dogs with a...

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