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Elise Phillips Margulis

Elise Phillips Margulis is a contributing writer for FIDO Friendly magazine and has been published in Way Cool Dogs, The Mighty, and Superfood Box. She’s obsessed with animal welfare, environment protection, and equality. Elise lives with her adorable & precocious 10-year-old son, her husband, their gorgeous canine, and their elegant feline. She’s also a card-carrying member of Chocoholics Anonymous.

Meet Edible Plastics, Biodegradable Plastics’ Fun Cousins

We’re witnessing more and more of the havoc that our discarded plastic products are wreaking on the environment and living creatures. The oceans are full of plastic and its inhabitants are eating it, becoming entangled in it and even being strangled by it. According to National Geographic, more than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year. Thankfully, companies are now manufacturing biodegradable plastics including biodegradable water filters, biodegradable cutlery, plates, straws, cups, boxes, and ponchos, and edible/biodegradable plastic bags. A company called LOLIWARE offers eco-conscious consumers vibrantly colored and edible flavored cups and straws. They plan to produce...

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How Hens Are Transforming Lives At Retirement Homes

Hen therapy! A wonderful program in England has brought hens to nursing homes and caring for the birds has dramatically improved the residents’ lives. The sense of responsibility helps boost their self-esteem and visits to the outdoor coops include socializing with other residents in fresh air while sun rays beam vitamin D onto them. It was only a matter of time before hen keeping became a nursing home activity. There are facilities with cuddly resident cats that purr lovingly in the residents’ laps and raise morale by giving them a purpose in caring for another living being. Other senior facilities...

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3D Printed Human Skin Could Help End Animal Testing

3D printers are doing amazing things. They’re creating “mini body organs,” producing prosthetics, building houses and printing human skin. This groundbreaking technology, specifically in creating mini body organs and human skin, is making huge strides in the effort to abolish laboratory animal testing. Carolina Catarino, a Brazilian scientist whose trials utilize 3D printed skin to advance cruelty-free research, just won the 2017 Lush Prize awarded for innovations in the fight against animal testing. While earning a Biomedical Engineering degree, Catarino had an internship at L’Oreal in Paris, where she worked with lab grown skin. Traditional animal tests begin with a piece of...

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A Wearable Tech Miracle For the Legally Blind

Legally blind people can now see with the help of electronic glasses invented by eSight. The wearable technology behind the glasses is a high-definition, high-speed camera. Innovative algorithms sharpen the video and display it on screens directly in front of the user’s eyes. The glasses feature Bioptic Tilt which helps the glasses adjust automatically to the wearer’s movement, protecting them from nausea. This is a crucial leap forward from similar technologies which have tended to leave wearers feeling queasy and affected their balance. For Conrad Lewis, the founder of eSight, the project is close to the heart. Lewis grew up...

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Check Out the World’s Newest Affordable 3D Printed House

Nikita Chen-yun-tai describes himself as “a man with a mania for automation.” His latest invention, created with San Francisco startup Apis Cor, is a mobile 3D printer that builds entire homes from scratch. Chen-yun-tai’s objective is to provide worldwide access to better housing. The 400-square-foot houses generated by his 3D printer are eco-friendly, efficient, and reliable, designed to last for 175 years. They cost just over $10,000. The affordable housing movement is taking off, and 3D printed houses are more affordable than most. They save money by reducing the costs of hiring construction workers and cleaning up debris, and remove the...

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