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Elise Phillips Margulis

Elise Phillips Margulis is a contributing writer for FIDO Friendly magazine and has been published in The Mighty. She’s obsessed with animal welfare, environment protection, and human rights. Elise lives with her adorable & precocious 10-year-old son, her husband, their gorgeous canine, and their elegant feline. She's also a card-carrying member of Chocoholics Anonymous.

Richard Branson Predicts All Meat Will Be Clean or Plant-Based In 30 Years

Richard Branson, billionaire owner of the Virgin Group, and Bill Gates of Microsoft (the wealthiest  man on the planet) recently invested in Memphis Meats, a company growing “clean” cultured meat in a laboratory using stem cells instead of animals. Two billionaire business strategists investing in a company signifies a major innovation that will likely have an enormous impact on the future. “I believe that in 30 years or so we will no longer need to kill any animals and that all meat will either be clean or plant-based, taste the same and also be much healthier for everyone,” said Branson...

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What China Buying $300 Million Of Lab-Grown Meat From Israel Means For The World

Several regions of China are suffering from horrendous pollution. On the worse smog days many citizens wear masks to filter out airborne contaminants so they can breathe. China has resolved to go green, and part of their commitment to combat the pollution is to reduce their meat consumption by fifty percent. This ambitious objective has resulted in China inking a deal with Israel to import $300 million of “clean meat.” Here’s a little background on clean meat. It is also known as cultured meat, in vitro meat, and bio meat. The first synthetic burger was introduced to the world...

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Preschool Inside Retirement Home Brings Joy To Kids And Seniors Alike

How can we brighten up the lives of people living in nursing homes? The Providence Mount St. Vincent elderly care facility in Seattle opened a preschool in their building to create a greater sense of community – and the results have been phenomenal. For the children, it’s like having dozens of adoring grandparents. The senior citizens light up when the adorable young faces arrive. They share their wisdom and play with the children, cherishing visits from the surrogate grandkids. Administrator Charlene Boyd explains, “We wanted to create a place for people to come live, not come to die.” When the children visit,...

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China’s Panda Solar Farms Draw Attention To Sustainable Energy

China’s smoggy air looms ominously over major cities like Shijiazhuang, Jinan, Xingtai, Baoding, Xi-an and Beijing. Coal smoke billowing from factories and power plants cause “airpocalypses” in Beijing, during which breathing air warnings are posted, people cover their faces with masks, schools are closed and flights are canceled. According to ABC News, these airpocalypses can affect 460 million people. The hazardous smog levels are 10 times the World Health Organization’s environmental health guidelines. The Xinhuanet News reports that 70.6% of companies analyzed do not comply with the anti-coal laws. Decades of growth have contributed to all the smog. However,...

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Can We Eliminate Our Deadly Plastic Problem?

Humans are plastic addicts. Since the 1950s, Americans have been using plastic daily for many of our needs: grocery shopping bags, sandwich bags, storage bags, trash bags, and more. Too many items, including the aforementioned, are disposable and find their way to the oceans. According to Plastic Oceans, more than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year. Sadly, half of the 300 million tons of plastic produced annually are used only once. Packaging accounts for 40 percent of our plastic use. Astonishingly, over one million bags are used every minute. Unfortunately, our plastic consumption...

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