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Elise Phillips Margulis

Elise Phillips Margulis is a contributing writer for FIDO Friendly magazine and has been published in The Mighty. She’s obsessed with animal welfare, environment protection, and human rights. Elise lives with her adorable & precocious 9-year-old son, her husband, her gorgeous canine and elegant feline.

Are There Gruesome Ingredients In Your Pet’s Food?

Americans have become increasingly health conscious, scrutinizing food labels for sugar grams, salt content, artificial coloring, additives, preservatives, and other non-nutritious ingredients. But most have no clue that ingredients in their pooch’s food aren’t just unhealthy — they are utterly revolting! Rendering unusable animal parts is defined as cooking raw animal material to remove the moisture and fat. Rendering companies collect fat and bone trimmings, blood, and dead animals from slaughterhouses and farms. They gather meat scraps from ranches, feedlots, restaurants, food stores, butchers, packinghouses, and even euthanized animals — all piled up in their trucks. The by-products include organ fats, offal (intestines...

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Animal Shelter Hosts Adorable Pajama Parties

What’s more fun than a sleepover? A doggie and kitty pajama party! The Humane Society of Huron Valley in Michigan has cleverly and creatively combined cats, canines, food, and films to make children, parents, and shelter animals very happy. One or two Friday evenings each month, children between the ages of five and eleven are invited to a sleepover party with the resident pups and kitties. The children arrive at Pets & Pajamas Movie Night in their jammies to play with the dogs and felines, eat, and watch an animal-themed movie. The shelter staff also provides humane education during the four-hour FunFest. The cats...

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Pet Squirrel Saves the Day by Ferociously Fighting Off Burglar

We all know burglars can be deterred by security alarms and dogs with booming barks. But it turns out that a little squirrel with razor-sharp claws can be just as effective in protecting a house. Joey, a domesticated squirrel who resides in Idaho, is testament to that. He may look cute and innocent, but he won’t tolerate uninvited guests snooping around and taking things. Adam Pearl is Joey’s human “dad.” Pearl took Joey in six months ago when a friend found him abandoned in a garden. Joey was so young that his eyes were closed, and Pearl had to feed...

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Does Your Company Offer ‘Pawternity’ Leave?

You’ve spent weeks (maybe months) searching for the perfect pet to fit into your family and lifestyle. Your car trunk looks like you’ve robbed a pet supply warehouse. Food, toys, a leash, a bed, treats, bowls, a collar, a brush, and more have been carefully selected for the new family member. Perhaps you’ve even started an adorable wardrobe. A weekend isn’t really enough time to settle your new fur baby into your life and home, especially if you have a child and/or other pets. Some people might take a few days off from work. Now, several companies are offering...

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They’re Lining Up to Adopt Feral Cats in Chicago

Did you know that building excavations in cities often result in colonies of rats losing their nests and running rampant through the streets? Case in point: The Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago was demolished last year, and mischiefs (groups of rats) began teeming around the city. Other demolitions, as well as a warm winter, have created a surge in the rat population, with residents scrambling for a solution. The solution, it turns out, is 100% natural. Warehouses, restaurants, homeowners, and others have been “hiring” feral cats to drive out the rats and keep them away with their scent and...

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