A tiny kitten cruelly tossed onto a busy road has found his forever home with the woman who rescued him.

In June, Tazeam Bashir witnessed a small object thrown from the window of the car in front of her in Pontypool, South Wales.

She slammed on the brakes and discovered a black kitten no bigger than her palm cowering in the middle of the busy street.

“From a distance, I thought it was a bird, but as I stopped I got out of the car and realized it was a kitten, very distressed, and it was lucky,” said Bashir.

Bashir took the kitten home and contacted the local RSPCA. Luckily, the shaken six-week-old kitten didn’t suffer any injuries from his ordeal.

Now, Lucky the kitten lives with Bashir, who says he is doing very well in his new home.

“He has a lovely character and has settled in so well,” said Bashir. “We just can’t believe how we came about to have him. He is part of our family now.”

Lucky recently appeared on BBC’s Crimewatch Appeal TV show with his new guardian and an inspector from the RSPCA. They are appealing for more information to help them find the person responsible for this act of cruelty.

Animal hero Tazeam Bashir rescued a kitten thrown onto a busy road and gave him a good home. Learn more at Lady Freethinker.

Image Credit: Facebook/RSPCA Cymru

“We’re very grateful to those who managed to safely stop when this happened and help this poor kitten,” said Inspector David Milborrow. “It was remarkable that this kitten survived this shocking incident without injury. We believe that the cat may have come from a grey car which may have been a Fiat. We’re now appealing to any other drivers who may have seen this happen. There was a red Mazda car who also stopped and we’d really like to speak to them to see what they witnessed.”

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact the appeal line on 0300 123 8018.