January is national Unchain A Dog Month!

In 2022, Lady Freethinker unleashed our inaugural Break the Chain campaign, with educational information about how dogs left chained can suffer from neglect, starvation, untreated medical issues, and other harms while also never enjoying the natural activities they deserve — like going for walks with a loving family.

We’d also like to remind everyone that — chained or not — it’s cruel to leave dogs outside 24/7. Dogs are members of the family who suffer when they’re left outside day in and day out.

Our supporters responded with their own reasons why they would NEVER chain their companion animals and why dogs should never be left outside 24/7!

Here’s 10 top reasons our supporters would never chain or tether a dog:

  1. “A dog is not a lawn ornament or an alarm system. If you wouldn’t want to live life in a 10 ft (or even smaller) radius, don’t assume your dog does, either.”
  2. “It’s inhumane, plain and simple!”
  3. “A chain isn’t a babysitter. This is such a cruel act!”
  4. “Anything could happen to your dog out there! My dog lives inside our house, and he loves to take part in pretty much everything we do!”
  5. “Animals as well as humans thrive with freedom of movement. The chained animal is being denied social interaction, exposed to the elements, held captive, and cannot flee an aggressor. Chaining impacts their psychological & physical well-being… The animal is devalued & is looked upon as nothing more than an object. They (owners) spend very little time interacting with the animal as well. As a result, it comes down to willful neglect & abuse.”
  6. “It’s cruel.”
  7. “Animals are social creatures… they thrive off of learning and being with the family.”
  8. “They are sentient beings and (they) feel. They are family and should be kept inside with the rest of the family.”
  9. “If you don’t want an indoor furry family member, don’t get one.”
  10. “They are family. If you can’t treat them as such, don’t get one.”

Have another reason why dogs should never be left outside 24/7? Email us at [email protected] and let us know.

Please also take a moment to sign our pledge, promising to never leave a dog chained or tethered, and share it with friends and family.

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