Turbo the dog, more formally known as TurboRoo, was born without front legs. When he arrived at the veterinary clinic Ashley Looper worked at, she fell head-over-heels for the adorable six-week-old pup.

Turbo’s guardian couldn’t keep him because he didn’t get along with his littermates. Looper gave him a forever home, and during his first few weeks there, she encouraged Turbo to push himself forward using his back legs.

Many companies don’t fit dogs with specialized carts until they’re between six and eight months old, but Looper was unwilling to wait. She made Turbo’s first cart using a helicopter toy and subsequently tried various DIY carts, to see what worked best for the precious pooch.

An aerospace engineer in San Diego caught word of Turbo’s mobility dilemma and created him a custom, 3D-printed set of wheels.

With the encouragement of Looper’s other dog, Turbo quickly adapted to his new cart. Watch this video to experience his first moments of true independence!