While all adoptable animals are in urgent need of a loving forever home, this family visited the shelter with a particular mission in mind: to adopt a dog who needed them the most.

That’s how Biggie, a pit bull with dwarfism, became their newest family member. At first, Biggie’s family planned for the possibility of having to install ramps to help him get around. But much to their surprise, as soon as they got home, he was standing on the kitchen table!

Biggie has adjusted well to his new home. He loves rolling around, laying in silly positions, catching raindrops in his mouth, and trying to eat bubbles. He also has a few ‘responsibilities,’ including guarding the home.

Biggie’s most important duty is making his sister, Yam, feel safe. Yam struggles with anxiety, especially when her owners leave the house. She relies on Biggie for everything from reassuring snuggles to a distracting play session – and he’s happy to help out.

Biggie’s story reminds us that great heroes sometimes come in small packages!