Widdle the cat is proof that big personalities come in tiny packages! A woman named Jessie fostered his litter and worried when Widdle seemed unwell and didn’t grow. In fact, after Widdle’s siblings had been adopted out, he remained too small to leave foster care.

When Jessie took in another litter of kittens, they surpassed Widdle’s size within weeks. Despite his delayed growth, Widdle developed quite a personality. He was grumpy, odd, mischievous, and cuddly – all at once!

Widdle accompanied Jessie daily to the vet clinic where she works. The feisty little boy eagerly greeted anyone who walked through the door, even when they weren’t equally as excited to see him!

Widdle suffers from cat dwarfism, a condition which little is known about. He has a life expectancy of about six years and can expect minimal health problems.

Jessie grew so attached to Widdle, she decided to provide him with a forever home. After one look at this adorable video, you’ll probably want to keep him, too!