VIDEO: Sailors Rescue Drowning Squirrel Struggling Desperately in the Water

When a group of sailors discovered a drowning squirrel stranded in a large lake, they sprung into action to save him. But the squirrel was too exhausted to grab onto a stick that the crew extended into the water in an attempt to help. At a lack for other options, one of the men jumped into the water and swam to the distressed critter, giving him a much-needed break from treading water.

The rescuer kept the cold, tired squirrel dry as he swam back to the boat, where the relieved animal was able to relax and dry off in the sun. When the boat came as close to land as it could get, the men helped the squirrel one last time by boosting him toward the shore. He was able to swim the remainder of the way, and finally reached safety.

Thank you, kind sailors, for giving this squirrel a second chance.

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  1. mari smet (@greentimes999)

    What a beautiful, decent, understanding, considerate gesture — I love you, sweet, great men — we know the squirrel was suffering and you dived in & gave him some respite — until dry land — you are REAL HEROES !

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  2. Sheila T.

    What a great and compassionate rescue these fine guys did for that squirrel! The sailor did not hesitate to jump in and save a near drowning animal and he should be highly commended for his heroic effort. Thanks, sailors, you are awesome!!!!????????????????

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  3. Betty Buck

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Gentlemen for being the kind souls that you are and the compassion you displayed! If only there were more people like you two in this world…………

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  4. Jade Kiran

    Stewardship, in the Christian tradition, implies protection. [Hu]Man should exist in harmony with the Earth, not work against it as is noted in Colossians 1:16-17

    Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man. – Stewart Udall

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  5. Charles Daniel

    Good thing those guys saw it and saved it. Poor little thing so tired from swimming,,,love squirrels.

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  6. Stacey

    Such kind hearts! The rescuers are wonderful examples and inspirations for us all to look out for all creatures.

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  7. Brian Pigeau

    Has anyone even wondered how that squirrel got out there? They are not exactly known for casual swims and a squirrel would not last long treading water with the amount of large fish swimming below it. Some people will do strange things to create a video and look like heroes. Just saying! Hmm!

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    • Podgie

      Maybe being unable to see the good in people says something about you, Brian. Just saying!

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  8. Denise

    There should be more people out there like these men! Bravo!!! Nice to see such great videos these days when there are so many other disastrous evil things being done to animals!

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  9. oja

    Thank you to the kind souls who care enough to help such a small creature! Such a welcome
    relief from the constant brutality

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  10. Jo

    Thank u so much all of you who helped x

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  11. Leanne

    Thank God those sailors were there and decided to rescue this little critter. Thank you thank you thank you.

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  12. colin

    I pray for these kind guys to always be safe ,need more like them

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  13. j trapani

    They are my heroes! Thank you for an uplifting moment to counteract all the senseless hunting deaths animals face.

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  14. Eva Tervala

    Thank you wonderful sailors for helping little fellow ???? ???? ????

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  15. Tisa

    Thank you for saving this little squirrel. Kind people are the best! You did GOOD! Thank you.

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  16. Allison T Anderson

    All creatures great and small……………………matter. Thank you for saving this precious squirrel.

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  17. Rachel Rodriguez

    Thank you gentlemen for taking the time to save this little guy

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  18. Gerri deBeer

    Through all the cruelty committed by bad people, a big ray of sunshine breaks through with the kind deeds of good people. There is HOPE.

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  19. Barry Goian

    Nice to see they could accurately see the squirrel to begin with andcwere able to help. Great.

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