A blind, deaf, and arthritic Maltipoo named Molly returned safely to her West Bloomfield, Mich. home after disappearing, thanks to a Cavapoo puppy named Gracie.

The 16-year-old senior dog wandered off a few weeks ago after her caretakers let her outside for a bathroom break. Paula Milgrom and her husband spent several hours frantically searching for Molly without success.

Later that night in the same neighborhood, Gracie started barking — an unusual activity for her — and awakened her guardian, Elaine Wolf. Wolf heard another dog barking from outside and looked out the window. Molly stood there freezing cold.

Wolf brought her inside and called the local sheriff, who figured out who Molly’s guardians are and contacted the Milgroms.

The dog and her family soon reunited, and the quick-thinking Gracie is receiving praise for helping Molly find her way back home.

“[She’s] the hero. She woke us up to do everything else that needed to be done,” Wolf told Fox 2 Detroit, adding that she plans to reward Gracie with a well-deserved treat for her good deed.

Thank you to Gracie and her guardian for bringing Molly and the Milgroms back together!