Meet Banner the Super Dog, a service dog who recently added “rescuing kittens” to her growing list of selfless achievements.

The seven kittens had been left to die in a cardboard box in the woods. Banner’s owner, Whitney Braley of Menlo, Georgia, was outside with her on July 3 when Banner suddenly began to behave out-of-character. According to Braley, she acted “extremely distressed” and was pulling at her dress.

Banner led her owner to the box of freezing, day-old kittens. After ensuring that the kittens were healthy enough to survive, Braley took them in.

Immediately, Banner’s maternal instincts kicked in, and she has refused to leave their side ever since. The kittens receive ample care and affection from their dutiful new foster mom, who cleans, cuddles, and naps with them. They will remain under her watchful eye until they’re old enough to be adopted.

Watch this adorable video to enjoy the special bond between Banner and her kittens!